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A red rose has been synonymous with love and romance for decades, and it’s no surprise that flower shops run out of them every February 14th. But a red rose symbolises so much more when they’re arranged in an elegant bouquet and gifted to you by a loved one. Each rose represents your gratitude, passion and love, and no one can wrap up all those emotions together as well as

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Just in time for Valentine’s Day, everyone’s favourite flower store and delivery service in the UAE has launched their brand new Valentine’s Day collection, and we’d like to think of it as a Haute Couture collection for flowers. With bouquets and arrangements ranging from Dhs295 to a whopping Dhs19,200, there’s no price tag on showing your love to that special someone. You have the option of paper-wrapped bouquets to stunning box arrangements, there is a wide variety of options to choose from that will ensure you get the perfect arrangement that says your partner’s name all over.

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Other than the different arrangements and sizes to choose from, if your loved one isn’t a fan of the cliché red, you can always opt for a white or pink bouquet.

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