An advocate of promoting a positive body image online, Les Mills Global Brand Ambassador Caley Jack’s Instagram feed is the perfect example of #strongnotskinny.

In Dubai this December to take part in Dubai Active, Caley will be hosting a series of workouts and workshops, sharing her passion for fitness.

And while the South African trainer has dedicated her life to fitness, she suggests that all you need is 10 minutes per day to reap the physical and mental rewards of exercise.

“Start off with 10mins a day, because everyone has 10mins! Once you get a taste of the health benefits you experience, the sacrifice in time no longer becomes a difficult decision to make. It becomes a weekly necessity. Luckily, we have more and more options to convenient and accessible resources within the fitness industry and they are readily available worldwide,” she tells Grazia.

“Science and research also confirm that regular exercise is the best proactive approach to preventing the need of medicinal supplementation. I personally, feel like a million dollars when I empower myself physically and mentally,” she adds.

  • Dubai Active will take place between 5 and 7 December at the World Trade Centre. Visit for more information

Photos: Instagram