High jewellery brand Maison Messika is best known for its innovative designs rich in references to Valérie Messika’s inspiration for the brand’s collections, whether it’s feathers from Indigenous American headdresses or icicles from the frosty fantasy of a snow queen. As the brand’s founder and artistic director, she has continuously and aptly narrated ideas on topics like individuality, romance and nature with exquisite high jewellery. Now, the expert craftsmen at Maison Messika have furthered its reputation for incredible visual storytelling with the brand’s latest collection: “Beyond the Light.”

Maison Messika drew upon ancient Egypt for its “Beyond the Light” collection to tell a mystical story. With pieces like the “Akh-Ba-Ka” master set, the high jewellery brand reveals an impactful, visually-led narrative about the intense beauty of ancient Egypt. Messika designed the master set to depict the Egyptian winged scarab, which she made with diamonds cut from a cluster containing a whopping 110 carats–the largest diamond the Maison has acquired to date. The 33-carat diamond that sits powerfully in the master set’s centre is wildly impressive and highlights how important the collection is to the high jewellery brand.


The “Beyond the Light” collection is rich with symbolism, from the Oujdat amulet depicting the eye of Horus (the God Falcon in ancient Egyptian mythology) to the Golden Shield set that evokes pharaonic finery with its gold-plated choker and earrings. With its unique look and innovative designs, Maison Messika’s “Beyond the Light” collection is easily one of the top high jewellery collections of 2022. Expertly crafted with dazzling diamonds and gold, this transformable collection is wearable art that takes its wearers on an ethereal journey. The high jewellery brand communicates its appreciation for ancient Egypt’s mysticism with its unique designs that combine technical innovations with artistry.

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