The most recent autumn 2021 runways gave birth to a slew of eye-catching tops – not just any type of tops, but all the colour-blocking blouses and t-shirts you could ever dream of. It showed up both on and off the runway with influencers, celebrities and A-listers opting for their favourite colour-block pieces, creating the perfect balance between elegance and fun.

The trend comes as an ideal ally for those who want to transform their look with an additional layering piece, or if you’re in Dubai and looking for a light cover-up when heading to the beach, you’ve found your perfect item. By itself, it brings a fresh and unique approach to any look. Whether opting for an oversized or fitted shirt, it can easily be dressed down with denim, pants or your favourite shorts.

With a sporty-chic influence, the trend took off, with many brands debuting their own approach to colour-blocking. For the most extravagant fashionistas, versions in intense and contrasting colours have become key in their wardrobe. However, for the everyday woman looking to elevate her simple look, going for a subtle candy hue or even classics such as blue or soft pink can become the perfect alternative.

When heading out for errands, Negin Mirsalehi wore the chicest off-duty attire, pairing an oversized colour-block dress shirt, white tank top, grey biker shorts and an oversized Chanel tote. On the other hand, Lebanese influencer Nathalie Fanj wore a sheer mesh colour-block top paired with this season’s most prominent mini skirt trend during an at-home photo op. Ahead, see how fashion girls are wearing their favourite colour-block tops right now.

1. negin mirsalehi

2. nathalie fanj

3. alice abdel aziz


5. deema al asadi

6. tori van breugel