A new social media trend is taking place, and luxury fashion and beauty brands have quickly joined the fun. From Maison Valentino to Nars and Guiseppe Zanotti, our favourite top-tiered brands allow their friends of the house and special guests to participate in conversations spanning the worlds of fashion, art, music, and much more.

Designed during the pandemic, Clubhouse has become the social media app bringing brands and influencers together by creating a community that discusses authentic, relevant topics and how businesses have adapted to the new normal. The renowned app interacts in audio chat rooms with celebrities, CEO’s and influencers, aka you can join live conversations with the likes of Mark Zuckerberg, Ashton Kutcher, Wiz Khalifa and many more stars. 

To access the app, you can only sign up if you have an invite from a user, and each user only has access to 2 invites, making it a highly exclusive and sought out app to join. Once you’re in, there are two ways to participate; you can either join a conversation with the moderator’s approval or kick back and enjoy live talks as they unfold.

Ahead, find a list of the top five luxury brands that have recently joined the infamous app.

1. Versace

Fashion house Versace joined Clubhouse to debut its new female empowerment discussion series, “Medusa Power Talks,” which will feature speakers Irina Shayk, Chelsea Miller and Donatella Versace. Donatella wanted to create female-led series to talk about all things power and how the modern-day woman navigates her life in 2021.

2. nars

It is no surprise beauty brands are now utilizing Clubhouse, as its exclusivity being an invite-only app, is gaining a lot of attention from its celebrity appearances. Nars Cosmetics is hosting various discussions on the app whilst promoting the relaunch of the brand’s Pure Radiant Tinted Moisturizer (now available in 16 shades).

3. maison VALENTINO

Maison Valentino has featured guests like Betony Vernon and fashion expert Diane Pernet to host discussions that delve inside the story behind Rockstud Alcove Valentino Garavani.

4. ted baker

Ted Baker is one of the first UK fashion brands to have a culture platform; the six-part series ‘Conversations in Culture’ was hosted by Abraxas Higgins (which is also available to stream via Apple podcasts and Spotify). With such popularity from the first series, it sparked a second series which aired 16th June; Ted Baker see this as a platform that can develop their approach to cultural capital.

5. Giuseppe Zanotti

“A New Fashion Era: In Conversation With Giuseppe Zanotti” debuted during Milan Fashion Week (early this year) ” hosted by Nicky Hilton and influencer Tina Leung. You can really feel as if you’re going full steam ahead into a new era with this platform connecting with the consumer directly with the designer; it’s pure genius if you ask us.