Courtesy of The Giving Movement

The Giving Movement has been at the forefront of sustainability in the UAE since its inception in 2020. Its founder, Dominic Nowell-Barnes, created this company knowing that he wanted to make clothing that positively impacts the world. The Dubai-based brand is known for being purpose-driven, donating about Dhs15 of each sale to charity, creating inclusive lines, and is now supporting a volunteer-run dog shelter in need.

The dog shelter, K9 Friends, has served its community for 33 years, rehoming and saving dogs in Dubai and the UAE. However, a sharp decline in public sponsorship post-pandemic poses a threat to the non-profit’s survivability. In an effort to save their cause, K9 Friends reached out to The Giving Movement for support. The athleisure brand typically commits itself to environmental and human welfare causes, but it extended its resources to help K9 Friends stay in business and give these dogs and puppies a second chance at life. To help the non-profit, The Giving Movement has created a campaign called “The Four-Legged Movement,” in which it will use its platform to give a voice to the animal shelter’s cause. They will continue to raise awareness for K9 Friends for two weeks, letting people know how they can help support the organisation and save Dubai’s four-legged friends. Always practising what they preach, The Giving Movement will also sponsor two blocks in K9 Friends’ shelter.

The dominant logic today is that there is no separating fashion from its impact on the environment and the quality of its workers’ lives–the industry no longer exists in a vacuum, and players in it have adjusted accordingly. What makes The Giving Movement special is that positive values have been baked into the company’s foundation since day one. Purpose-driven companies and non-profits, like K9 Friends, take the lead in making the world a better place, which in turn creates opportunities for us to do so as well. Discover more about The Giving Movement’s “The Four-Legged Movement” campaign and how to get involved, here.