Globally, air pollution is estimated to contribute to the deaths of seven million people annually, according to the World Health Organisation. Shocking, right? We thought so too. However, it gets worse. Plastic pollution is the culprit behind the death of over 100,000 marine animals – according to International organisation, the World Wide Fund For Nature – with countless more marine animals being in danger from the plastic waste discarded in the ocean. It’s not irreversible, though. There has been a rise in sustainable initiatives as the world comes together to tackle the issue head-on.  One country in particular, our very own UAE, has joined in on the sustainable movement over recent years, spearheading a number of practices in the region, including having recently initiated the world’s first sustainable fashion council – the fashion industry is accountable for roughly ten per cent of carbon emissions around the world.

For Expo 2020 – which has been moved from 20 October 2020 to 1 October 2021 due to the pandemic – the UAE has set up a pavilion specifically addressing sustainable practices and alternatives, as well as holding up a mirror to society on the effects of our carbon footprints.

The Sustainability Pavilion exterior

Dubbed Terra, the sustainability pavilion will feature a range of interactive experiences that will push participants to consider their choices and their role in the fight towards sustainability. With the latest technologies in sustainability making an appearance, viewers get to take part in a slew of activities which will shed light on the urban innovations that promote architecture and nature coming together as one.

Ever been inside a consumption hall? At Terra, the consumption hall places visitors face to face with the consequences of their harmful choices; meanwhile the G Nasher, a consumption machine trailing the destruction of the world’s natural resources in a bid to create more products, forces viewers to ponder on the environmental repercussions of our overconsumption. A meeting with a deep-sea fish who’s been harmed by our plastic waste will push us to face the realities of the surplus of discarded plastic that makes its way into the ocean.

Consumption Hall at Terra

With a series of experiences portraying the innovations to create a more sustainable future and others condemning the mistakes from our past, the Sustainability Pavilion is both an eye-opening experience and one brimming with the hope of a brighter future through innovative technology. It’s not just about showcasing the problem; it’s about providing the solution.

Under The Ocean at Terra

Visitors will be afforded the opportunity to visit the Sustainability Pavilion for a limited time from 22 January to 10 April, 2021, prior to the Expo 2020’s official opening. The country pavilons however, will be accessible to the public during Expo 2020’s official opening. Expo 2020’s themes are Connecting Minds, Creating the Future with the subthemes being Opportunity, Mobility and Sustainability.

  • A visit to Terra costs Dhs25. Tickets need to be booked beforehand as walk-in tickets will not be available. Book your ticket here.

Photo: Supplied and Instagram