Songstress and our very own Grazia cover star Dana Hourani is back with an all-new single ‘Erjaa Shoufak’ which will take you back in time to when you first fell in love. The Lebanese pop ballad revolves around the whirlwind of emotions you feel when you’re at the start of a new relationship and believe you’ve finally met the one.

“Erjaa Shoufak reminds me of that euphoric feeling you get at the beginning of every new relationship,” says Hourani. “Infatuation, fixation, and desire towards that one person that can spark all these thrilling emotions in you.”


The Dubai-based Lebanese music artist dropped her latest single today, with her debut album Ensanein set to premiere on November 17. The 12-track album will include her hit releases ‘Ella Enta’, ‘Lahza’, ‘Zuruni’, and “Enti Ana”, which have reached a million streams and views across online platforms.

“In this album, I speak to these two beautifully opposing souls that live inside each and every one of us. The souls that make us feel sensually shy, courageously weak, and confidently insecure. Not everybody should be under just one certain category,” revealed Hourani about her upcoming album. “Why do we categorise based on what we’re going through in the moment, when we can be so many things? We can go through so many different phases and we can be all of these people.”

While we patiently wait for her album and hit replay on ‘Erjaa Shoufak’, make sure to check out Grazia’s exclusive with Hourani here, and you can watch the new music video here.