Photo: Netflix

The news is out: Emily in Paris, the 2020 Netflix series that was voted the most popular comedy show of the year, is coming back for season 2.

Now, we know Emily’s fate is still uncertain, but we are ready to stick around through thick and thin as the Midwestern relentless marketing executive ventures off into her newest journey of finding herself in the city of love.

According to the show’s stars, the following season, Emily will officially be moving past the culture shock, finding her rhythm and making a life for herself. Furthermore, Emily may or may not be moving into a more serious relationship with her ever-so-handsome neighbour Gabriel – our fingers are crossed.

Find below all we know about season 2 of Emily in Paris:

Emily in Paris is currently filming as we speak

Since May 3rd, 2021 the Netflix serious had announced that the show is officially back in production. Sharing the exciting news through Netflix’s Instagram account.


By the looks of it, Emily in Paris season 2 won’t be releasing till spring of 2022. With the filming schedule starting on May 3rd, 2021, it’s unexpected that season 2 will be ready by the end of this year. By the looks of it, they’re planning to film over the summer, then diving into the world of post-production, which can take up to six months to complete.

Without a doubt, we would love to see Emily in Paris on the big screen by fall 2021, but it may take production a little longer to finish with everything going on.

they’re looking at a total of 10 episodes

With season one consisting of 10 episodes, we can only imagine season 2 will feature the same amount of episodes – regardless, closer to the season premiere, we’re hoping to receive full confirmation.


We can safely say that the cast will remain the same for season 2 of Emily in Paris, but the one change you will see is in locations. Of course, Paris will be the primary spot and other areas in France, but the newest site will be Saint-Tropez.

Asides from that, the only character storyline that will change is Mindy’s – Emily’s best friend. By the end of season one, we saw Mindy lose her nanny job and is currently working at a drag bar. Furthermore season 2, Ashley Park hopes to find love in the series but not taking the focus away from her relationship with Emily.