Eid is right around the corner and you are definitely going to want to start putting together your most fashionable Eid outfit that will make you look your best when celebrating this holiday. Here is a list of some of the best places to shop for the most stylish look to rock this Eid.


Instagram @majeparis

Contemporary brand Maje just came out with a capsule collection dedicated solely to this holy month and the Eid festivities. This collection is full of lively and bright colours that will radiate nothing but positivity everywhere you go. All their pieces are classy and elegant, and you can find anything from belts, purses, jewellery and dresses; all the essentials to complete the perfect Eid outfit.

Shop the Maje Ramadan Collection here.

Level Shoes

Courtesy of Level Shoes

Finding the right holiday dress is essential, but no Eid outfit is complete without some trendy accessories to go along with it. Level Shoes is here to make finding the right accessories an easier task by coming out with an edit inspired solely by Eid with items such as shoes and purses that will make for a great accessory to any outfit.

Shop the Level Shoes Eid edit here.


Instagram @euphoriaofficial.me

If you are looking for a modest, yet modern outfit for the holiday season, Euphoria is a Dubai-based luxury clothing line that does just that. Here you can find anything from long flowy dresses to Kaftans that will go perfectly with your Hijab or anything else you would like to pair their apparel with. The quality is luxurious with light and delicate colours for that perfect Eid look that will have everyone asking you for all your outfit details.

Shop the Euphoria collection here or via order request.

Modest Essentials

Instagram @modest.essentials

If you want the traditional look but like to have a little more glitz and glam added in, Modest Essentials created a limited edition collection just in time for Eid with beautiful pastel tones and embellishments. Their designs always sell out fast, especially their dresses, so make sure to order your Eid outfit as soon as possible before they are all gone.

Shop the Modest Essentials collection here.

The Giving Movement

Instagram @thegivingmovement

For all the ladies that want to be comfortable yet remain modest and fashionable during Eid, The Giving Movement is a perfect combination of it all. This Dubai-based luxury leisure clothing line is always trendy and has been all the rage among locals.

Shop The Giving Movement Modest collection here.


Via Mounay

For a high-fashion modern twist on the traditional Eid apparel, Mounay focuses on just that so anyone can wear their beautiful Kaftans and dresses not just to celebrate Eid, but to any other celebratory event as well. Their products are reasonably priced despite their top notch quality and beautiful patterns that will catch everyone’s eye.

Shop the Mounay Ramadan collection here.

Tommy Hilfiger

Via Tommy Hilfiger

The American brand has just come out with a collection in honour of the holy season. They have carefully curated various kaftans, along with other modest apparel while still maintaining the Tommy Hilfiger signature look. The best part is that some looks from the collection are sustainable and quite affordable while still being fashionable all at the same time.

Shop Tommy Hilfiger’s Ramadan collection here.


Instagram @anatomi

Anatomi created the ultimate Ramadan/Eid collection specifically designed for the holidays, the apparel has a traditional modest style with an edge to add a more modern flare. This new collection includes pants, off-the-shoulder dresses, choker necklines, mesh sleeves, and capes. If you want to remain traditional, but bring something different to the table, Anatomi is the perfect place to shop at for your Eid outfit.

Shop the Anatomi Ramadan/Eid 22 collection here.