The new year encompasses a fresh start, a chance to rejuvenate and start afresh in all aspects of your life whether from your fitness goals, creative endeavours or personal relationships. If you find yourself stuck in a cycle of toxic and unfulfilling relationships, perhaps it’s time for a dating detox. If you’re unfamiliar with the concept, it is exactly what the name suggests: a ‘detox’ from finding your perfect match.

What is a dating detox?

Christiana Maxion, Dubai’s Matchmaker tells us what exactly a dating detox involves, and she concludes that to kick-off this journey one must focus on themselves. It involves divulging in a myriad of self-improvement activities like: exercising, picking up a new hobby, manifesting your ideal partner, purging our surroundings and lastly, ‘dating yourself first.’ Maxion advises you should ‘create your happy list of at least ten things that make you innately happy, e.g. bubble baths, a good book or podcast, favorite sport or socialising.’

How Long Should You Do It For?

The matchmaker suggests that the duration of the detox depends on your dating history and circumstances. Recommending that those stuck in a cycle of recurring bad first dates should partake in a 30 day dating detox, everyone getting out of a relationship that lasted less than a year should partake in a 60 day detox and lastly, everyone out of a long-term relationship or a divorce should participate in a 90 day detox. she also warned participants that the time should be utilised solely to upgrade all aspects of their life and create a “dating wish-list of the great places you want to go, things you want to try or new hot spots that intrigue you,” rather than getting distracted during the process.

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