Sea Fu Restaurant, courtesy of Four Seasons

What’s better than eating seafood by the sea? The wait is finally over, as Four Seasons Resort Dubai at Jumeirah Beach is reopening the doors of its modern and vibrant seafood restaurant, Sea Fu, where mouth-watering dishes meet luscious cocktails and more. Sea Fu is the latest restaurant to offer a menu you won’t want to miss out on.

Their menu consists of fresh ingredients you could find at your local market but their execution is something you won’t be able to pull off yourself. From a colourful and rich sushi platter to their seared Mediterranean sea bass, your taste buds definitely won’t be disappointed. Taste is not the only sense that will be pleasantly satisfied, as your eyes will sparkle at the sight of the sun setting by the sea and your ears will enjoy the melodies of the waves crashing onto each other. If you’re ready to test the full capacity of your senses, why not immerse in a unique dining experience at Sea Fu?

Their exquisite and opulent menu offers you an endless number of tasteful selections, or you can always leave it up to fate and opt for their catch of the day. Whether you’re a vegetarian or a meat lover, there’s something for everyone. The five-star hotel also doesn’t compromise on the restaurant, with excellent service to bring you the best dining experience Dubai has to offer.

Sea Fu Restaurant, courtesy of Four Seasons

Their dishes not only satisfy your appetite, but are also artfully served. The restaurant offers different cocktails inspired by the seven oceans, so that you’ll always be reminded of the water even if you’re on land.

Entering Sea Fu transports you into a tranquil state of mind where you can leave your troubles by the door.

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