Who doesn’t love it when two Arab powerhouses join forces? Before you get too excited, rumours of a potential collaboration between Dubai-based beauty magnates Hindash and Huda Beauty haven’t been confirmed, but we sure hope they will be soon.

Instagram @hindash

Speculations of a collaboration first surfaced when Hindash took to Instagram and YouTube to post a make-up tutorial by the two entrepreneurs. While Hindash was creating a peachy glamorous look on Huda, the two chatted about what a potential product-line created by them would look like. “I see it happening,” speculated Hindash, whilst Huda immediately and excitedly responded “let’s do it!”

“I feel like the possibilities are endless… I would love it happening as eyes and lips, but a complexion product could be cool as [Hindash Cosmetics] doesn’t have complexion,” said Hindash. Huda on the other hand, hinted that a potential partnership might involve eye make-up.

Rather than being mortal enemies as most would expect in an industry as competitive as the beauty industry, the pair have always supported each other’s success and have become good friends. They even shared some make-up hacks and tricks with each other during the tutorial. “It was only a matter of time until we joined forces,” shared Hindash on his YouTube caption. “Let us know what you want to see from us next! Hint hint…” Now he’s just teasing us.

Instagram @hindash

Even if a collaboration wasn’t in the books for these two, we certainly hope the positive reactions to the rumours will get them plotting one as soon as humanly possible.

Watch the full YouTube tutorial below.