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All eyes are on Iran after the death of Mahsa Amini, a 22-year-old Iranian woman who died in custody after being detained by Tehran’s Morality Police for allegedly violating dress rules pertaining to hijab law. The law requires women to cover their hair and body and is enforced arbitrarily to varying degrees by Morality Police (ranging from verbal warnings to detainment). According to Amini’s family, she was adhering to the rules of hijab law when she was detained, which makes the already distressing situation all the more concerning. Her family and the public also need answers about her death since there are conflicting accounts between Iran’s security forces and witnesses on the scene. The former claims that Amini died of a sudden heart attack while in custody, and the latter asserts that security forces murdered the young woman. Since this news broke, antigovernment protests have spread across Iran, and prominent public figures have come forward to make statements on Amini’s death. Ahead, all of those who have spoken out on Mahsa Amini’s unjust passing and the inhumanity of the Morality Police.

Bella Hadid

Bella Hadid posted an informative series of photographs on Instagram pertaining to Mahsa Amini’s death, which outline the circumstances surrounding it as well as statements from her family. The model is an outspoken advocate for human rights.

Jessica Chastain

Actress Jessica Chastain used her platform to share Mahsa Amini’s story and current events in Iran, saying, “I stand with the women of Iran and will amplify their voices from afar. When one woman is attacked, it is an attack on [us] all.”

Samira Olfat

Beauty Entrepreneur and Celebrity Makeup Artist Samira Olfat shared a simple yet effective Instagram post letting her followers know that her values are aligned with those attending the antigovernment protests.

Manal Rostom

“I stand with the women of Iran,” says professional mountaineer Manal Rostom, adding that, “where I fight for the right of women to choose to wear the hijab, I will also fight for the rights of women NOT to wear it, against their will, in Iran.”

Farah Pahlavi

Empress Farah Pahlavi condemned the Islamic Republic regime as “anti-feminist” in an Instagram post to her followers, sharing that “once again, a child from Iran lost her life at the hands of anti-Iranian government guards.” In the post, she also announced that the 29th and 28th of August will be “public mourning and mourning in his name and all the dead children of Iran.”

The United Nations

The UN Women’s organisation issued a statement online regarding the death of Mahsa Amini, asking “for a prompt, impartial, and effective investigation by an independent competent authority.”

Mohamed Hadid

Mohamed Hadid shared a quote by the journalist Namrata Zakaria in an Instagram post highlighting the importance of women’s rights to choose. Hadid adds, “if we believe in religion then people in general will be judged after life and only God is the judge.”