The U.K. is notorious for its downcast weather. However, during these hot summer months, London is one of the world’s most electrifying and exciting places to visit. As soon as the sun starts to shine, London’s parks turn into outdoor social clubs, restaurants dust off their outdoor tables, and the streets begin to buzz with the finest theatre, music and art at your feet. Not to mention London is one of the world’s biggest fashion capitals, making it a cool and quirky hot-spot for shopping. If you’re planning on taking a trip to London or need a little more persuading to book that ticket, then you have come to the right place. Here, we have put together all the best things to do in London this summer that will give you a trip you’ll never forget.

Visit the Choo Café

Harrods is renowned for having pop-up designer cafes, and this year’s cafe is in alignment with everyone’s latest Barbiecore obsession: the Choo Cafe. With monochromatic hot pink interiors, you’ll be ready for a seriously Insta-worthy photo moment. Enjoy a Jimmy Choo embossed logo on your cappuccino with a tasty cake or pastry served on non-other than pink Jimmy Choo crockery.

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Stroll around the Royal Academy Of Arts in Piccadilly to get a glimpse of the ‘Summer Exhibition,’ one of the biggest exhibitions in the city for free. The exhibition, which also happens to be the oldest open-submission institute, will allow you to rejuvenate your creative senses and allow you to witness the works of renowned artists such as David Hockney and Tracy Emin alongside new artists. Don’t miss the chance to visit, as the exhibition lasts till 21st August

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Experience the exquisite concept launched this July, The Other House. The hotel which is located in South Kensington, take on quite an unconventional approach to a hotel; more of a resident’s club to be precise. The Other House was conceptualised to provide customers with a staycation that feels like home, whilst also providing hotel services and club amenities. If you’d like to experience what it would be like to live luxuriously in this eccentric English ‘house’ adorned in British tweed and rich velvets, head to their website now.

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shop for a cause

Courtesy of f5global

Attend the first ever popup from F5 Global, a sustainable athleisure brand founded by 16 year old, Sarisha Ved. The brand produces a range of products from bags, face masks and phone cases to unisex clothing for all sizes and genders; utilising fair trade methodologies. If this isn’t convincing enough, come along to support a charitable cause as all profits go to help sustain quality education for underprivileged kids.

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create ART At The Tate

Discover over 100 years worth of art at London’s iconic Tate Modern gallery. Situated on the banks of the River Thames, it brings in over 5.7 million visitors each year, making it one of the most visited art galleries worldwide. Visitors will be handed a colourful sticker to transform a bland canvas into a work of art. Open to all ages, the experience is available until the 29th of August.

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indulge in a quintessential high-tea experience

For the ultimate tourist getaway don’t forget to indulge in a high-tea experience, check out the delectable selection at the cafe Biltmore for an unforgettable expedition.

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Watch a play at Shakespeare’s Globe

If you’re a lover of classical literature, then you must visit Shakespeare’s Globe. Opened by the Shakespeare’s Globe Trust in 1997, it is a reconstruction of the Globe Theatre where Shakespeare himself used to write his plays. Watch your favourite Shakespeare play and enjoy the weather in the most incredible atmosphere.

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Celebrate the 10th birthday of the Eastern Electrics festival with your friends on the 27th August, which just so happens to fall during the Bank Holiday weekend. ‘Early Birds’ tickets start at only £25, so make sure you don’t miss the incredible line-up of talented artists.

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Discover over 35 sustainable brands at the pop-up hosted by Stories Behind Things in collaboration with Vestiaire Collective and ethical chocolate makers Tony Chocolonely. The concept was created to further promote sustainability and provide the community with workshops teaching them how to create the prefect capsule wardrobe. The pop-up will start from the 5th-21st August 2022.

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Stay at The Biltmore Mayfair


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Staycation at the extravagant Biltmore Mayfair to get a glimpse into the luxurious accommodation, overlooking the picturesque skyline of London. It is located in Grosvenor Square, away from the very-lively Oxford street which makes it the perfect place to unwind after a busy day of exploring.

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Don’t miss the biggest beer festival in the country with over 120 world-class breweries, pouring hundreds of beers to quench your thirst during the summer. Alongside a special feast prepared by London’s top chefs, you can also enjoy and vibe to music played by different DJs the entire day.

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curate your own signature scent

Design your very own signature scent under the guidance of professionals, utilising an array of ingredients at the British perfume house Penhaligon’s. Don’t miss out on the chance to have the most unique perfume and dabble into the world of perfumerie.

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Courtesy the Lost Property

Be one of the first guests to staycation at the newly opened Lost Property St Paul’s and explore the interiors; inspired by lost craftsmanship and elements of the city. The hotel is situated right at the city centre, perfect for tourists and locals as there is plenty to explore.

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Enjoy delightful musicals and plays on a budget at Regent’s Park until September. There is a rotation of a different performances to enjoy, with each playing on a different day of the week. Make sure to check out their website to choose your favourite performance.

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In the heart of Mayfair, you will find one of London’s most popular restaurants, Sexy Fish. The restaurant is a perfect place to enjoy some cocktails with your friends and soak in the incredible ambiance of the aquatic interiors.

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