Emirati singer, Balqees Fathi, and Egyptian rapper, Wegz, were stunned in Valentino Rendez-Vous outfits this week. Both singers are known for their exquisite style in fashion, choosing only the most unique and chic looks. With Balqees looking elegant in an all-white outfit, Wegz decided to surprise Riyadh Season concert visitors with a unique and colourful look that has definitely turned heads.

Wegz was dressed in a full head-to-toe Valentino look, pre concert and post-concert. His pre-concertwear was a black and white pyjama suit, with floral print all over.  The second style Wegz wore is a bright green Valentino silk jacket, with a taffeta shirt and purple shorts to go along with it.  This look was styled by photographer, Prod Antzoulis.

The rapper and actor are known for his bold choices, whether in fashion or not. Tickets to his Riyadh Season concert practically sold out the second the tickets were put to sale on the website.

As for Balqees Fathi, our favourite Emirati sensation, her choice of an all-white outfit was stunning. Balqees looked boss-chic and radiant in the all-white matching suit by Valentino.

Yet again, Valentino never fails to amaze us with their exquisite combination of colours and fabrics, giving our favourite celeb beaus a unique touch to their styles. Whether it’s a elegant attire like Balqees’, or a funky bright upscale look, like Wegz’s.

Courtesy of Valentino