As an entrepreneur, having a business partner can always be the greatest advantage, especially with sharing responsibilities and brainstorming ideas. Who better to share your business with other than someone you can trust as much as a member of your own family? Although we know that siblings aren’t often the best of friends, there are few that have become the ultimate entrepreneurial dream teams. Here, we have put together a list of all the Arab sister owned brands that you should support.

Simi Haze Beauty

Simi Haze Beauty
Instagram: @simihaze

After growing up in Dubai and leaving the city to attend a university in California, Palestinian DJ duo Simi and Haze have made a name for themselves in the music, fashion and now the beauty industry. Simi Haze Beauty is the twins’ latest endeavour in which they have successfully launched beauty products that “challenge the way you put on makeup.” All their products are cruelty-free and are already shaking up the makeup industry. DISCOVER MORE

Huda Beauty & Kayali

Huda and Mona Kattan
Courtesy of Sara Jaye Weiss/Shutterstock

Iraqi-American sisters Mona and Huda Kattan have not only one brand together, but two.  The sisters are the driving forces behind two of the beauty industry’s most popular beauty brands straight out of Dubai, Huda Beauty and Kayali fragrances, which has a value of over a billion dollars combined. This sibling duo is a force to be reckoned with and we still have great things to see for both companies in the future. DISCOVER MORE


Okhtein Sisters
Courtesy of Okhtein

Egyptian sisters and founders of Okhtein fashion label, Mounaz and Aya Abdelraouf have created a label blending their heritage and fine art into a style which has become increasingly popular amongst some of the world’s biggest A-listers and Arab royalty. Neither sister had previously studied fashion before founding the brand but was purely driven by their passion for art. Each piece created by Okhtein is handmade and deserves to be on your radar. DISCOVER MORE

Apotheca Beauty

Apotheca Beauty
Courtesy of Apotheca Beauty

Launching in 2014, Kuwaiti sisters Sarah, Nora and Dana Al-Ramadhan are the brains behind the region’s beloved beauty stockist Apotheca Beauty. The beauty brand spearheaded the launching of brands in the UAE, such as Anastasia Beverly Hills, Tatcha, Lancer and many more. They have a store based in both Kuwait and Dubai and plan to expand further into the region. DISCOVER MORE

nafsika skourti

Courtesy of Nafsika Skourti

Contemporary fashion brand Nafsika Skourti founded in 2014, is owned by Jordanian sisters Nafsika and Stephanie. They design their pieces with “an acute sensitivity to the female voice.” Before joining forces, the sisters had two polar-opposite backgrounds, with Nafsika being a fashion graduate from Central Saint Martins and trained in Haute Couture in Paris, whilst Stephanie was a graduate of Law from Warwick University. Together the two of them have created a brand which is meaningful to both themselves as well as their customers with quality clothing aimed to last you a lifetime. DISCOVER MORE