Netflix’s popular crime drama show, Narcos, has long been scoring style points in fashion circles thanks to Pablo Escobar’s wardrobe. Now French film studio Gaumont has partnered with e-commerce platform Dropdaze to create a designer fashion brand adapted from the series and it will be named Narcos Los Angeles.

The brand will include a wide range of menswear, from military jackets and pants, graphic T-shirts and hoodies, soccer uniform sets, jewellery, as well as hardware and lifestyle products.

Narcos is currently rated as the number one series in the Middle East on Netflix. In the show, Pablo Escobar, played by Wagner Moura, wore outfits created by lead costume designer Bina Diageler who admitted that she wasn’t the biggest fan of the real Pablo Escobar’s fashion sense. “Pablo Escobar didn’t have especially good taste,” she said.

We have reason to believe Narcos‘s Pablo Escobar was well-ahead of his time in both, scheming and fashion. Here are five outfits by Bina Diageler which the character donned without realising how far he’d potentially set the trend for 2020:

“When you get too close to the sun…”

A sunrise palette, iconic bold stripes and wide collars – while fashion is generally repetitive, who would have thought that Pablo Escobar’s entrance outfit in the Netflix series, Narcos would make a grand entrance in the majority of the SS20 menswear runways?

“I am a poor person with money”

Keep a lookout for the sweater-over-shirt trend when the winter season arrives. You’ll be sure to spot a variety of tucked in collars and effortless dressing for both men and women post-pandemic.

“Everybody has a price”

Yes, striped shirts were Pablo Escobar’s go-to looks for two season of Narcos. Before you judge his very limited wardrobe, we challenge you to count how many striped items you possess in your closet right now.

“What good is having all the money in the world if you can’t go home?”

Realistically, have rugby shirts ever gone out of style? The popular, casual trend has made its mark at least once every Spring/Summer fashion week season. Whether it’s on the runways of London, Paris, New York, Tokyo or Milan, the common commodity will always be redefined and reinterpreted by high-profile designers in a variety of unique ways each year.

“I’m a decent man who exports flowers”

Palm and floral prints, vibrant colours, wide-collared shirts, if Casablanca’s muse for its unquestionably Pabloesque SS20 collection was not Pablo Escobar, then 2020 is officially cancelled.

Photos: Courtesy of Jason Lloyd-Evans, Instagram and Netflix