Hardy Brothers Jewellery

Inspired by an opulent and ornate ribbon that wraps around a precious gift or sits pretty in a lover’s ponytail, Hardy Brothers’ Cognac Diamond Ribbon Ring is one for the ages. Whether you are gifting a piece to yourself this Valentine’s Day (how very Samantha Jones of you) or to someone special, consider this unique 18 carat rose gold statement ring. For the uninitiated, Hardy Brothers Jewellers have been distinguished by the Royal Warrant of Appointment to Her Majesty the Queen, having served all sovereigns since George V in the early 1900s. Steeped in history, the brand’s traditional craftsmanship is impeccable and on this piece alone, you can see the meticulous workings of its artisans, placing each diamond perfectly within a pave setting and atop a bow. Take it from this editor, the Cognac Diamond Ring is not for the wallflowers among us; it will enter a room before you do, be a talking point at a fancy dinner party, and will be a keepsake for generations. And during Cupid’s season, how romantic is that?

This is Hardy Brothers’ new work of art.

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