Opening this coming weekend, a new art market will celebrate the creative diversity of the Indigenous communities who live and work in the south east region of Australia. Named for that broad and diverse expanse of land, South East is driven by the impetus to reveal the ‘here and now’ of a region that’s rich in artistic expression, with many participants conflating traditional craft practices with contemporary artistic modes. In the gallery above, get to know 11 of the artists and craftspeople participating in South East whose work straddles photo collage, food, sculpture, jewellery, textiles, carving and shellwork.

Co-curated by Hetti Perkins and Jonathan Jones with an aim to showcase the cultural heritage of south-eastern Aboriginal Australia, South East will feature over 30 stalls showcasing the wares of artists and creative collectives both established and emerging. Stalls will canvas a broad spectrum of creative pursuits that draw from traditional and contemporary practices, including weaving, literature, ceramics, carving, photography, painting, shellwork and textiles, and many will be fronted by the creatives themselves, giving visitors a chance to not only meet the makers and learn firsthand the stories behind their extraordinarily diverse practices, but to directly support their practice and prolong the lifespan of time-honoured craftsmanship by purchasing work.

The South East Aboriginal Arts Market takes from October 6-7 in gadigal country at Carriageworks from 10am. entry is free. More information is available here

Tile image: Penny Evans/Courtesy of the artist 
Cover image: Zan Wimberley