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See: Further proof the Kardashians always look their best after a break-up 

Whether they intend to or not (and we have a feeling they absolutely do), Kim Kardashian and Kanye West become the centre of attention everywhere they go. 

So when the couple missed Scott Disick’s 33rd birthday party in Las Vegas on Saturday night due to commitments in Europe, our eyes fell on Kim’s sisters Khloe and Kourtney – and we liked what we saw.

With Kourtney in a camouflage-inspired mini-dress and a recently Odom-less Khloe in an admittedly very Kim-esque pink PVC number, the figures we know they work so hard for thanks to incessant Snapchat updates from the gym looked fierce.

The birthday boy himself, Disick, took a backseat as photographers swarmed the group inside the 1 Oak club, but as a man in the Kardashian Klan, there’s no doubt he’s used to that.

A tender moment between Kourtney and Scott, who have three children together but are separated according to the most recent Keeping Up With The Kardashians storyline, hinted that relations are more than civil between them. We’ll leave any further speculation to the gossip columns, and let the picture do the talking.

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