Red Sparrow; the American spy thriller which followed Jennifer Lawrence transform into Russian prima ballerina Dominika Egorova. When her character suffers a hideous leg break, she turns to a sadistic Sparrow School to learn how to use seduction as a weapon.

The role saw Lawrence reunited with her Hunger Games: Catching Fire director Frances Lawrence and costume designer, three-time Costume Designer Guild Winner Trish Summerville. “One of the reasons I love working with Francis is because you know it’s going to be a project you’re proud to be on and have worked on,” says Summerville. “He’s creatively open and loves to collaborate.  I never feel like there’s something I can’t present to him. He’s open to seeing things, and always accessible.”

Just like Hunger Games, Summerville wanted to keep the colour palette of the Sparrow School muted. “I wanted to keep it communistic and totalitarian, so it’s very washed out, with steely grays and icy, cold colors.  All of the shirts are unisex, so boys and girls have the same shirts.  The matron’s uniform is very classic and timeless and a deep olive green,” Summerville explains.

But when it was time to performing at the ballet, Summerville had to go back centuries and research ballerinas, eventually arriving at the regal, gold-embroidered blue-red ballet costume. With limited prep time.

“There is such an art behind [Summerville’s] costumes…my character starts as just a ballerina who lives at home with her mum to being involved in a world that is much, much bigger than her own,” says Jennifer Lawrence. “You can see the changes through the costumes. It’s amazing.”

Red Sparrow is out now on Blu-ray, DVD & Digital. Get it on iTunes.

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