Though the ’80s is a decade often thought of as one of fashions most hit-and-miss periods, designers and street style stars alike have been mining the era for its flamboyant and fabulous style.

Reminiscent of the 1980s club scene – a mix of New Romantics, Punks and Disco Queens  show goers from Dakota Fanning to Sara Sampaio and even style queen Giovanna Battaglia have channeled inspired looks that hit the perfect note for a night of partying.

And with the festive season well and truly upon us, there’s not better time to shine, literally: eye-catching colours, Victorian-inspired sheer lace blouses, sequins and shiny fabrics are all VIPs to this stylish soiree.

Take your lead from these street stylists and celebrate good times.

Dakota Fanning’s black lace Valentino channels a young Madonna’s fixation with the fabric

A Victoriana-inspired blouse in metallic lace combined with washed mum jeans and a dark lip are retro chic

Giovanna Battaglia shines in a modern interpretation of a classic ’80s prom dress

Supermodel Sara Sampaio takes a subtle approach, updating a flirty LBD with a bomber printed with 80s arcade game icon Pacman

A Winona-inspired white lace maxi anchored by crystal-embellished sandals with socks reads like something out of a John Hughes movie. We love

Vetements’ sequinned turtleneck found fans in the most discerning of editors whilst feeling both retro and futuristic at the same time

A coloured Perspex heel is a great way to take a small step into the trend whilst still remaining entirely modern
All images: Getty Images