A model backstage at Romance Was Born
Credit: Mark Nolan

After five days of exhilarating highs and admittedly very few lows, Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week Australia has come to its inevitable conclusion.

And while the exhaustive creative output of Australia’s best and brightest designers will live on for the ostensible future in breathtaking images, in stores and eventually in our wardrobes, those priceless ephemeral moments that play out in whispers or the blink of an eye behind-the-scenes at Fashion Week will be lost in time, like [coughs] tears in rain. Time to literally die.

For posterity’s sake, we have preserved some of those spoken word moments below. Please enjoy, and should you wish to prolong the moment you can catch up on the first instalment in our Overheard series here.

At an unnamed show
“This front row is so basic.”
“These pants are so big on me. I must have been a fat troll beforehand.”

At sass & bide, during seating
“Excuse me, I think you’re in my seat.”
“Oh, I said my friend could sit here so we could go through our photos together.”

In the Mercedes-Benz Star Bar, between editors
“I can’t deal with these [expletive] outfit changes. Like [redacted], you’re not Paris Hilton. You’re a blogger.”

In a crowded elevator, at David Jones, prior to the Bec + Bridge show
“I almost didn’t make it here in time. I had to leave my little dog alone in the office but I made it!”

Models backstage at Vale Denim
Credit: Lisa Maree Williams/Getty Images

Between two photographers writing captions in the Media Centre
“How do you know which Stenmark is which?”
“You don’t.”

At Vale Denim
“I sliced my thumb open with a cheese grater just before I got here so I hope no one notices I’m bleeding profusely.”

Also at Vale Denim, during the finale (It’s true)
“Nobody claps anymore”
“You can’t Snap and clap”

Backstage, between editors
“Seriously, if I have to hear about the no-makeup makeup look one more time…”

Models backstage at Akira
Credit: Zak Kaczmarek/Getty Images

Also backstage, an editor between shows
“Sorry I didn’t answer my phone before. I thought you were some annoying PR hassling me again about Fashion Week.”

At Anna Quan, while scrolling through instagram
“Alright mate. It’s not Victoria’s Secret. Who does she think she is? Where does she think she is?”

Prior to the Ellery x Etihad Airways 10th anniversary party
“I’m going into Ellery, assessing the rosé situation, and leaving.”
“Why are there zero McDonald’s in the Eastern Suburbs?”

in the bathrooms At the Ellery x Etihad Airways 10th anniversary party
“If you want to go and get drunk with those people you can. But I won’t let you!”

Models backstage at Romance Was Born
Credit: Mark Nolan/Getty Images

Also at the Ellery x Etihad Airways 10th anniversary party, to a Real Housewife of Sydney
“You’re so beautiful. Can I stand near you?”

At the 10 Pieces show at Icebergs
“Do you want to go to Body Attack before thingo. What’s his name?” 

Before Strateas.Carlucci, during seating
“Lovely to meet you!”
“We’ve met!”

At the Romance Was Born after-party at the qt hotel
“Are oysters fattening?”

Tile image: Mark Nolan/Getty Images
Cover image: Brendon Thorne/Getty Images