In the lead up to James Gunn’s highly-anticipated instalment of Suicide Squad 2, Margot Robbie left many upset fans (us included) by taking a break from social media. Lucky for you and I, stylist to the stars Kate Young has continued to document the actress’ sartorial adventures. In a wonderful start to the film press tour, Margot Robbie put a Harley Quinn-inspired twist on the classic power suit.

Young pulled a vibrant red oversized blazer for Robbie from Italian brand, The Andamane. The label is rooted in creating looks with “effortless yet statement pieces wearable AM to PM” and is the passion project of the sisters behind Paris Texas.

While such a magnificent blazer would often be paired with a classic tailored pant in the same shade (like this look from Wonder Woman’s Gal Gadot), the stylist instead opted for red leggings. If you look to the vintage DC comics, the anti-hero character had an affinity for a tight silhouette. A look at the all-important footwear was missed on social media but a simple gold chain finished off the colour-block ensemble.

In a new Youtube series titled Hello FashionYoung spoke on how she works with a new client. While she has long been the brains behind Robbie’s daring red carpet style, it serves as insight into how she prepares an ensemble.

“When I start out with a new client, the first thing I do is look for any pictures of them where I think they look great,” Young explains. “‘Is it a colour? A silhouette? An attitude?’” I ask myself.”

The sleek hair was courtesy of Bryce Scarlett and bronze eyes and lip the work of Patti Dubroff.

As for the forthcoming film, Robbie has explained the psyche of Quinn.

“One of the first things I said to James was, I think Harley is a catalyst of chaos,” Robbie told Total Film. “She’s not necessarily your narrative centre, and sometimes it’s great when plot points can rest on other characters’ shoulders, and she can be the thing that erupts a whole sequence of events. That’s something I felt he agreed with, based on what I was reading in the script.”