Lily James breasts
Credit: Hulu

The union that was Jack-guzzling Mötley Crüe drummer, Tommy Lee, and his red swimsuit-striding model wife, Pamela Anderson, struck us at the exact degree of recklessness in the 90s — and set a precedent to the future of celebrity; before Kim Kardashian, before Instagram, before TMZ, there was Pam and Tommy. And it was impossible to look away.

Now, a slick interpretation of this love affair (and its sex tape) has hit our television screens via Disney+ (or Hulu for our American audience). Directed by Craig Gillespie (from I, Tonya and Cruella fame) and starring Lily James as the sweet, sex siren and Sebastian Stan as her the bad-boy musician, Pam & Tommy is as fast of a ride as the couple’s wedding day (read: just four days after meeting one another).

But let’s cut to the chase. While we were teased with early pictures of James’ uncanny transformation into Anderson, the question the internet is asking this morning is rooted in the prosthetics department – for both characters.

Are Lily James’ breasts real in Pam & Tommy? Is Sebastian Stan’s talking member a prosthetic?

Lily James breasts
Credit: Hulu


“I was in the makeup chair at 3.30 am, and there would be this four-hour process to get me into the Pamela look,” James told Entertainment Weekly. “Eyes, wig, teeth, there was just a whole process.”

“We explored tonnes of different prosthetics like nose, chin, eyebrows, forehead, but in the end, we stripped it back as much as possible,” she added. “We didn’t want there to be too much of a barrier between me and my expressions. I think they did a really great job. I was really pretty shocked by what they were able to do.”

And James’ 34DD breasts were indeed prosthetics as well.

“The breast piece was amazing,” James said. “You would never, never know it wasn’t me. It was shocking. In the end, because it took so long to put on, I didn’t wear it as much as I wanted to. We sort of cheated with my own boobs and figured out outfits and stuff to camouflage or hide and faked the illusion they’re bigger.”

“It would be boiling hot – I got really sweaty and my boobs were coming off,” she added. “I’m English, it’s too hot!”

Lily James breasts
Credit: Hulu


Thirty-two-year-old James, who hails from Surrey in the UK, also went full method during the show’s shooting. Her full fitness regime pre-shoot can be found here. According to this report, she would FaceTime her family in England in her best Anderson voice. In fact, Stan, 39, told Jimmy Kimmel the actors rarely saw one another out of character until they had wrapped the series.

“It’s true. I texted Lily early on, I said, ‘Listen, I’m scared shitless and I’m gonna need to hold your hand, and if you want to hold mine, we’re here, we’re in this together.’ And then I didn’t see her outside of Pamela until the end of the shoot,” Stan said.

“I think we were both just terrified to play these characters,” he continues. “They’re real-life people. I don’t have tattoos on my body. I think we both would just, on repeat, listen to their voices and their interviews. And I know we both did this we would actually scream into pillows in between the scenes because I was trying to get my voice raspy to sound like him, and you were doing that too. So I was like, ‘You’re screaming into a pillow as well?!’”

James also had to shave her eyebrows in order for makeup artists to draw on Anderson’s sharp, pencil-thin arches. She also wore fake nipple rings. Stan had to shave his body so that replicas of Lee’s tattoos could be adhered to his skin. He also stuffed little steel balls down his pants to embody the stance a man with a large penis, or so he says.

And yes, the talking penis was a prosthetic.

Pam & Tommy is streaming now on Disney+ in Australia.