Laura Dern
Credit: Gregg DeGuire/Getty Images for Turner

Laura Dern is out here speaking the hard truths on being a woman. This week, the Oscar award-winning actress spoke during Vanity Fair’s Cocktail Hour Live! (per Page Six) and reflected on the impact her role in HBO’s Big Little Lies has on women. In season two Dern’s character, Renata Klein, famously spits, “I will not be rich.”

“I hope every woman claims that,” the 54-year-old says on the iconic one-liner. “I had no idea that it would resonate in the way it does and if it was any line that I’ve ever said that could resonate, I’m thrilled that it’s that, because it’s obviously multi-layered and it’s not only about finance. But how wonderful that women are talking about money.”

“There’s more shame talking about money than there is about sex,” she continued.

Speaking on her own upbringing, Dern says she was never taught how to manage finances. “I can’t believe nobody ever mentioned money to me, ever,” she said. “Nobody talked about it. Should you get a checking account? How do you save? Who do you talk to about it?”

In 2020, GRAZIA spoke with Mariam Mohammed Co-Founder of MoneyGirl on how gender inequality in finance shapes women. She echoes the sentiments made by Dern.

“In the economic system that we live in – whether we like it or not – money underpins our basic human right to choose,” Mohammed said. “If somebody else in your life controls your money, then the choice is theirs, not yours.”

As for Big Little Lies, it is not known whether a third season will occur. HELLO! Magazine reports that it is possible but unlikely right away.

One of the show’s creators, David E. Kelley, said, “I’m not sure logistically how it could be done because everyone is so busy.”

“It [certainly] couldn’t be done right away. Down the road? Maybe,” he added. “But we so love the show and the characters, so none of us have given up on the idea of bringing the band back together.”