Image: Instagram @kyliejnner

Yesterday, we wrote about how 2020 has seen fast fashion take a backseat, as a whole generation of shoppers become re-acquainted with vintage. Today, Kylie Jenner proves we were right. On Instagram, the youngest Jenner shared a picture of herself wrapped up in an extremely toasty looking puffer jacket. The print? Classic John Galliano for Dior. The year? ’04. The boots? Matching.

Jenner—who is currently vacationing with her family in Lake Tahoe—finished the look off with a white turtleneck dress, the final product being a sweeter-than-candy homage to the golden era of logomania. Jenner generally favours new-season pieces by the likes of Bottega Veneta and Jacquemus, but this new ensemble suggests she’s starting to take a page out of her famous sister’s book—Kim Kardashian regularly wears vintage Mugler, while Kendall has a penchant for ’90s-era Jean Paul Gaultier.

Plus, the Noughties redux is totally in right now. Bella Hadid and Hailey Bieber are among the celebrities advocating for the return of the ‘exposed thong’; Dua Lipa and Irina Shayk are wearing Juicy Couture-esuqe velour tracksuits, and Emily Ratajkowski has been regularly papped wearing Uggs. Vintage sites like Treasures of NYC are making a quiet killing selling the most iconic designer pieces of the Noughties, including Von Dutch handbags and that Versace dress Jennifer Garner wore in 13 Going On 30. In short? The sartorial era we’ve spent the last 15 years desperately trying to escape is back with a vengeance.

That being said, if you can look as good as Kylie in a marshmallow-like vintage Dior jacket, why wouldn’t you? Winter is well and truly upon us and puffer coats have long been the go-to choice for pragmatic dressers. Adding a fairyfloss-coloured vintage Dior print marries function with a heady dose of fashion chops (not to mention you’ll own a piece of runway history). So, what are you waiting for?