Over the past week, Rome has been getting the Kardashian treatment. While in town for work or play (but probably both), Kim Kardashian has been hitting all of the tourist hotspots in the Italian capital city, such as the Colosseum and Vatican City. 

But this is no ordinary cap-wearing, Birkenstock-laden American sightseeer we’re talking about. Kardashian’s suitcase is full of top-to-toe designer outfits, which she’s naturally been posting all over Instagram throughout her trip. 

After posing in front of statues in a lace cut-out dress by Victor Barragán, Kardashian made sure to note that she “adhered to the dress code” in the likes of St. Peter’s Basilica and the Sistine Chapel’s which she toured alongside Kate Moss

Then, on Saturday, Kardashian shared a slideshow of photos of herself putting a sexy spin on the classic toga in an outfit consisting of a white bra top with one shoulder and a matching mini skirt.

Keeping with the ancient Roman theme, the 40-year-old complemented the two-piece set with a pair of gladiator heels with straps that wrapped all the way up to her knees and a slicked-back high ponytail that’d make Ariana Grande proud. 

In the final image of her gallery, Kardashian is seen trying to balance on a scooter in her stilettos—which, given the cobblestone streets, likely wasn’t an easy feat. 


A few hours later (when does this woman sleep?), Kardashian posted again, this time wearing a tortoise-shell latex mini dress by Dolce & Gabbana for dinner at the Trevi fountain. Not one to miss out on an outfit moment, Kardashian somehow found the time to match her nails, her phone case and her gladiator-strappy heels to her dress.

The devil works hard but Kim Kardashian’s stylist works harder: 

“Tortoise Shell at the Trevi,” Kardashian captioned a gallery of images showing herself eating a plate of pasta with her hair pulled back into a 90s-era messy bun with tendrils shaping her face. 

What’s next? SKIMS at the Spanish Steps? (Probably).