Among approximately a million other things, the Kardashian-Jenner clan is known for their overnight hair transformations, courtesy of wigs, hair extensions, and some of the world’s best hairstylists to help get the job done. I’m…jealous, to say the very least. As someone with long hair, I dream of embracing a sleek little lob for an evening out with the safety of being able to revert back to my signature style as soon as I get home.

Most recently, Kendall Jenner’s made a strong case for going lighter and longer in 2021. On Thursday, December 3, the supermodel posted a series of photos to her Instagram feed showing off her long caramel-toned locks that fall to her lower back. The new look is a stark contrast from her signature dark brown mid-length hair that she was still rocking as recently as a week back.

Jenner posed for the photos during the reality TV-famous family’s winter 2020 vacation to Lake Tahoe, which included activities like ice skating, hitting the slopes, and posing for many not-so-candid photoshoots. Thankfully, the model went all out sharing photos of herself and that hair. She wore her hair parted in the centre and opted for a sleek look one day, and a tousled look that made her look fresh-off-the-slopes the next.

Jenner’s perfect-for-winter hair extensions are courtesy of celebrity hair extension artist Priscilla Valles, who has not-so-casually been doing extensions for 20 years. “The vibe that we’re going for is as natural as possible,” the Beverly Hills-based pro tells GRAZIA over the phone. “The colour is the perfect natural brown-ish ombré.”

“If someone wants to do a DIY installation, they can get Glam Seamless Clip-In Extensions,” explains the pro, after I begged her to tell me how I can recreate the look while hiding away at home during the COVID-19 pandemic. “The longest length they have is 26″ clip-in extensions. To get that natural look, aim for fewer amounts of rows of extensions. When you clip them in, the higher you clip them in, the better they blend.”

As popular as short hairstyle are right now Valles says, “Long hair always trends—it never goes out of style. I’m always doing long lengths. Even if people go on the trendier side and do a bob or a lob or something, three weeks later, they call back for long hair.”

“There’s just something about long hair that’s timeless.”

The hair expert was also the mastermind behind Jenner’s “ethereal extensions,” debuted on the family’s trip to Tahiti for Kim Kardashian’s 40th birthday in October. We’re willing to bet that you remember the epic video Jenner posted with her long beachy strands gently blowing in the wind. Valles reposted the video and captioned it, “Island Hair 🌴.”

The takeaway? Whether you’re on an island, strapping on your skis, or hiding away in your apartment, any time is the perfect time to channel your inner Kardashian or Jenner.

Kendall Jenner Long Hair