It’s a new year, and apparently everything we thought we knew about celebrity friends and foes isn’t necessarily true in 2018.

In a move that has many scratching their heads, Karlie Kloss appears to have thrown shade at her long-time BFF Taylor Swift.

Tweeting a video from her LOVE Advent calendar shoot that shows her bouncing a basketball, the model captioned it ‘Swish Swish’ – the title of Katy Perry’s revenge track widely reported to be about her nemesis, Swift.

Kloss must’ve known how it would look to caption the post ‘Swish Swish’, so what’s going on there? Interestingly, she and Taylor haven’t been seen in public together since 2016.

The Victoria’s Secret model did, however, wish Taylor a happy birthday on Instagram last month.

It was recently reported that Taylor and her long-time enemy Katy could be about to finally end their years-long public war. Someone who looked just like Katy was seen participating in Taylor’s recent music video shoot in Miami – at the same time Katy was in the city performing her Witness tour.

Watch this space.