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Trust looks queen Lizzo to be at the forefront of what is set to be 2021’s biggest brow trend – bleached eyebrows. The star recently gave her arches the peroxide treatment, unveiling the process on her TikTok. The musician’s go-to makeup artist, Alexx Mayo, took her brows from deep brunette to blonde for a recent avant-garde shoot, allowing all the focus to be on her graphic dotted eye makeup.

The star’s brow transformation marks the latest celebrity endorsement of the bleached eyebrows trend. While the trend was huge circa 2014 (and occasionally popped up in fashion shows and shoots in the years since) it’s said to be primed for a major resurgence this year.

According to Pinterest data, searches for ‘bleached eyebrows’ are up a whopping 160 per cent. TikTok backs up this prediction, with the hashtag #bleachedbrows garnering more than 27.2 million views and many users searching for simple DIY options to tint their own arches at home.


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Several celebrities have gotten on the bleached eyebrows bandwagon in the past week, including eternal beauty muse Kim Kardashian. The entrepreneur revealed her lightened brows only a few days ago for a Skims shoot, matching the blonde hue to her (likely faux) new hair colour. We’ve also seen the likes of Hailey Bieber adopt the striking shade, which surely means the trend is going to take over local salons very soon.

If you are considering giving bleached eyebrows a go, there are a few things to consider first. Firstly, regrowth is going to be a real contender as your brows grow faster than you’d think! We’d recommend going to a professional to prevent any mishaps (fluoro orange arches are not it), but be aware that you may spend every few weeks in the salon chair to maintain your fresh platinum hue.

You can also test-drive the colour pre-bleach, by simply blocking out your current brows with concealer and setting them with a little powder. That way you’ll safely know for sure if you’re into the bold look before any bleach is applied.