Jennifer Lopez and Alex Rodriguez both had a birthday last week, and the celebrations have been so epic we might as well go ahead and anoint the last week of July as the Annual Festival of J-Rod.

Here’s the latest of the couple’s public declarations of love for one another: Lopez crashed Rodriguez’s ESPN broadcast on Sunday with his daughters and a cake.

Watch the moment A-Rod is doing his baseball commentary thing when out of nowhere, J-Lo appears from behind a curtain to present him with yet another cake.

‘Yet another,’ because it was just two days before that the On The Floor singer brought her fiancé out on stage at her Miami It’s My Party concert, presented him with an enormous Yankees themed cake and had the stadium sing happy birthday.

After Rodriguez shared on Instagram on J-Lo’s birthday a video mash-up of happy moments with his love set to the tune of Billy Joel’s eighties love ballad, This Is The Time, Lopez decided to do the same in return. She chose Coldplay’s Yellow as the soundtrack for a series of personal videos and photos of A-Rod.


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WE LOVE YOU!!!!!!!!! ❤️💞😘💋

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It’s just a lot.

If you’ve been following along at home, you’ll know that just a few days earlier, Lopez was celebrated with the most extra 50thbirthday in the history of the universe.

Footage of her dancing in her custom gold Versace gown has redefined what it means to turn 50: there’s no reason you can’t still party like you’re 21 again.

It’s been an emotional rollercoaster, this inaugural Annual Festival of J-Rod. Which begs the question: how are they going to top this for their upcoming wedding?

Jennifer and Alex got engaged in March and are yet to share details about plans for the nuptials. Judging from the way they celebrate birthdays, it’s going to be huge.