When Jennifer Lopez – the woman who brought us Let’s Get Loud, Get Right and Waiting For Tonight – turned 50, it was never going to be anything but extra.

Photos and videos from inside her birthday bash at Gloria Estafan’s Miami mansion on Wednesday night have revealed a party fit for a pop queen, including fireworks, DJ Khaled and Fat Joe on the decks, a performance by Ashanti and a 10K cake.

Lopez’s ever-adoring fiancé Alex Rodriguez posted a photo from the dancefloor that just about sums it up, the If You Had My Love singer going wild in her (instantly iconic) custom-made gold metallic Versace gown.


Even though the entertainment was next-level, obviously it was J-Lo’s party, and according to E! News she took to the stage on-and-off throughout the night to sing.

Towards the end of the extravagant evening, guests were directed to a balcony to watch a fireworks display over the ocean. An epic cake was also served; TMZ reports it featured 24-karat edible gold, as well as her name and the number “50” in Swarovski crystals. It took five men to carry it into the room, and cost $10,000.

Told you the party was extra.

Apparently, Lopez was never far from A-Rod and her two kids throughout the night.

As if we didn’t already know Lopez is superwoman, she’s performing her It’s My Party tour in Miami for the three nights following the celebration.

In a post on Instagram the day after her 50thbirthday party, J-Lo said:

“It’s been a birthday to remember. I can truly feel the love from all of you.

“Yesterday was a dream. I have watched your beautiful birthday videos and I must’ve cried 20 times. It was just another great reminder of how thankful I am for all the beauty and love I have in my life. Thank you all for being a part of this great feeling!”