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1934 – William Powell as Nick and Maureen O’Sullivan as Dorothy in a scene from “The Thin Man”. (Photo by John Springer Collection/CORBIS/Corbis via Getty Images)

If you’re well-versed in my fellow Valentine’s Day gifting ideas, then you’re aware I love a good cliché. Almost as much as I love thinking outside the box and surprising my significant other with an unexpected present. Today, this is your sign to get a little creative for a gesture that will serve you again and again – quite literally.

Whether you’re living under relaxed restrictions or will face V-Day under lockdown, the notion of entertaining at home is surging. You can thank the likes of Stanley Tucci and Taylor Hill for that. According to Diageo – the makers behind Smirnoff, Gordon’s Gin and Johnnie Walker – 63 percent of people are channelling their inner bar tender to make cocktails without leaving the living room. But 73 percent of people aren’t confident without technology to assist. That’s where this nifty invention enters.


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Amid the festive season, Diageo has released ‘The Bar Cart’ – an Alexa app programmed with a range of twelve cocktails, from simple and delicious, to a little more adventurous. In addition it links to Spotify, for pre-programmed playlists curated by artists such as Cosmos Midnight or Josh Pyke paired to the drinks menu, just right for any occasion or mood.

“If you don’t know where to start and want to impress your guests and up your at-home entertaining game, it’s easy to create any of the twelve well-known cocktails on the skill, and for those looking for a little creative assistance or inspiration…” Diageo World Class Ambassador, Krystal Hart, told GRAZIA.

Now that you’re well-equipped with the know-how, you can covet the tools to look the part too. Shop GRAZIA’s picks below.

1: The Bar Cart

Temple & Webster Bahamas Metal & Glass Bar Cart, $269. SHOP NOW

2: The Alcohol

“These liquids can be used a base to create a range of cocktail options offering broad taste appeal.”

Tanqueray No. Ten Batch Distilled Gin, $93. SHOP NOW

Johnnie Walker Blue Label Blended Scotch Whiskey, $259. SHOP NOW

smirnoff red vodka 700ml, $42. SHOP NOW

Captain Morgan Original Spiced Gold 700ml, $38. SHOP NOW

A couple of extras as essential by the GRAZIA team:

1800 Tequila Silver, $73. SHOP NOW

Gordon’s Orange Gin, $50. SHOP NOW


Freixenet Pinot Grigio, $21. SHOP NOW

Dean & Munro 2019 King Valley Prosecco, $18. SHOP NOW

3: The Glassware

“Think about unique glassware, vintage mixing glasses, bar spoons, or could be ornate cocktail skewers for martini lovers!”

Try Etsy or your local antique store for vintage, one-of-a-kind glassware. Or these contemporary brands lend a modern twist to your bar cart.

Campbell-Rey X Laguna B Set of Two Cosima Coupes, $323. SHOP NOW


Tiffany & Co. Rock-Cut Double Old Fashioned Glass, $55. SHOP NOW

Plumm Three No. 2 – White Glass Set of Two, $90. SHOP NOW

Yali Glass Set Of Eight Glass Drink Stirrers, $352. SHOP NOW

4: The Tools

“If you’re looking to make bar quality cocktails at home, using a measured jigger will achieve the optimal taste profile and experience. If you’re crafting any cocktail, a measured jigger is a must have as precision is key. A cocktail shaker is of course another necessary tool that every aspiring mixologist needs on their bar cart.”

Try this all-in-one set for everything you could ever need in one easy spot.

The Decor House Bar Mixology Sets, $80. SHOP NOW

5: Make It Personal

“Consider what kind of ice you’re working with. Perhaps some great ice moulds can be helpful to jazz up your negroni serves.”

In addition, GRAZIA suggests a beautiful book (for after you’ve mastered The Bar Cart).

The Cocktail Dictionary, $27. SHOP NOW

Matt Blatt Diamond Ice Cube Tray, $36. SHOP NOW

Please drink responsibly.