If you are anything like me, a cool, damp panic is setting in. Christmas is a mere week away and you’re yet to start buying up anything that resembles a gift for your nearest and dearest. Things are looking a little grim, admittedly, but fear not: there is still time, sort of. Below, you can shop the GRAZIA editors’ picks of the best gifts in the kind of obnoxiously cheerful colourways that will have you dreaming of a bright Christmas long after this one has faded from view. Good gifting or a simple case of retina scorching? Who can say. Either way, shine bright these holidays.

WRIST ASSESSMENT A gift so good you’ll likely want to keep it for yourself: the stunning Apple Watch Hermès Series 4, available in an assortment of colour-blocked and gradient bands with exclusive watch faces that shift from one colour to the other with the passage of time.

Apple Watch Hermès, 40mm Ambre/Capucine/Rose Azalée Swift Leather Double Tour, from $759.00. Shop now

ALL EARS The Domoor mug, or Dombo cup, is the Dutch designer Richard Hutten’s famously festive drinking cup whose outsize handles are styled in a manner that references the human ear, the only body part that continues to grow throughout the duration of one’s life. While the PVC cup is of course useful when it comes to teaching children how to drink without spilling, it is also suitable for adults prone to bouts of vigorous choreography executed with drink-in-hand during holiday parties. Failing that, repurpose it as a whimsical desk ornament or decoration.

Dombo Mug by Richard Hutten, $30 at Hub Furniture. Shop in store

DON’T SWEAT IT I wouldn’t be caught dead without my matching Missoni chevron print hand and beach towels anytime I’m near a body of water during the summer months. The one-two towel combination, especially in contrasting colourways, makes for a striking pairing, with the hand towel doubling as the perfect head rest for those inclined toward reclining by concrete-lined ocean baths or on the well-weathered rocks of a beach-less bay, naturally.

Missoni, Vasilij Hand Towel, $37 at Spence & Lyda. Shop similar

YOUR BEST SHOT YET The holidays can be a dire time for those of us without travel plans and with habits to feed, as cafés close and caffeination levels plummet as a result. Ward off unwanted cravings and travel the globe in a single instant with this well-stamped passport of single estate and single origin blends from as far afield as India and Nicaragua. An accompanying coffee table book will furnish you with all the essential tasting notes and stories of origin to ensure your party banter stays as fruity as you are.

Nespresso, Limited Editions Explorations Gift Set, $90. Shop now

TAKE A SPILL The dramatic streaks of coloured glass that differentiate Bib & Sola’s hand-blown glass ‘Social Set’ from your average bar cart ensemble are achieved through the movement of colour blown into the glass, a technique that is notoriously difficult to achieve in the already impossibly skilled arena of glass blowing. Easier still? Pouring yourself another round.

Bib & Sola, Social Set in Blue, $309 at Mecque. Shop now

BEACH BUM It’s not likely that this ever factored into the collective hive mind of the design team at Tommy Hilfiger, but this bag du jour’s nautical colour scheme has us dreaming of waves lapping at the shore, or of sunsets spent overlooking an impossibly calm body of water – preferably with glass in hand (see above).

Tommy Jeans, TJU Logo Tape Bumbag, $100. Shop similar

[DOUBLE] SEE RED For the first time, the world’s most timeless fragrance and Gabrielle Chanel’s favourite colour come together in a limited edition piece of history. Dressed in red for the first and last time, there could be no better way to usher in the 2018 holiday season than with N°5 L’EAU, a gift that is utterly timeless.

Chanel, N°5 L’Eau Eau de Toilette Limited Edition, $278. Shop now

LIM IN THE MOMENT On Instagram, the designer Phillip Lim excels at creating content that inspires his followers (me) to live their best life. Perpetual sunsets, inspirational mantras, breathtaking works of contemporary art, quick and achievable recipes for a mid-week meal. At Lim’s eponymous label, he creates objects that inspire rabid material lust beyond your means that fly in the face of any zen mantra. Cast in point: this leather bucket bag in royal blue (now drastically reduced at The Outnet).

3.1 Phillip Lim, Leather bucket bag in Royal blue. $628 at The Outnet. Shop now

NO ANGEL An ultra-fine, light-diffusing powder to give the complexion a luminous rose gold glow – one that will have everyone mistaking you for an angel fallen from atop the tree.

Mecca Cosmetica, Enlightened Ornament, $28. Shop now

A CANNES DO ATTITUDE What could be sunnier than the gift of a Double Rainbouu this Christmas? Nothing. Unless, of course, we’re talking about your disposition.

Double Rainbouu, Palm Ice Tee, $90. Shop similar 

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Photography: Omar Merced