Get ready. Your adidas sneakers are about to bear the Made In Italy stamp, as Prada teams up with the sportswear juggernaut for a collaboration set to light the hearts of sneaker fans – and fashionistas – on fire.

The new partnership, Prada for adidas, explores the realms of heritage, technology and innovation, with the aim to challenge conventional wisdom through unexpected strategies. Whilst we don’t know much, the first campaign image is perhaps the best indicator of what’s to come – two Adidas shoeboxes slipped into Prada’s iconic shopping bag can only mean one thing: sneakers (or so we think).

Careful to honour the DNA of both brands, the new vision draws inspiration from the rich legacies of Prada and Adidas; reimagining their timeless icons and leveraging the Houses’ technological footprint to innovate. But perhaps most exciting is that the Prada for Adidas collaboration sees a significant departure from existing patterns and styles, meaning a whole new, exciting world for style and sports fans alike to geek over.

For an Italian brand renowned for its luxury leather-goods and creative nuances, a partnership with the world’s second largest sports brand seems an interesting one. But delve deeper, and Prada’s passion for sport is strong. The Luna Rossa sailing team, established in 1997 and heralding Prada’s participation in the America’s Cup – the oldest trophy in sport and the most prestigious international sailing competition – is the perfect laboratory to test new materials and technology, and offers the ideal conditions to perfect the science of sailing, and in turn, sportswear.

Their Linea Rossa line, which launched in 1997, also champions a kind of athletic aesthetic. Blurring the line between luxury and technical fashion, it was was the beginning of what would later become a style which was not only the norm but wildly popular, tipping traditional tropes of ‘luxury’ on its head.

Diving into the archives, the first step of this shared journey will debut this year, with the release of two limited-edition Prada for adidas styles that draw on the rich patrimony and iconography of both labels, representing a tribute to the timeless classics we all love. Originating in the realm of sport, transposed to street style and now translated to luxury, classics from each brand are re-contextualised and cast afresh.

The first iteration will launch for men and women globally in December 2019, marking a momentous partnership in both creation and manufacture, as these limited-edition styles will be made entirely by Prada in Italy.

Pairing the dynamism of adidas’ performance with the deft Italian craftsmanship of Prada, this fusion of fashion and performance will no doubt be a collaboration for the ages. The journey begins soon.