Jodi Anasta has become quite the racing veteran. Despite any direct ties to the horse-racing realm, the actress and model, known for her work on both Home and Away and Neighbours, has been a Myer Ambassador for the past three years, donning fascinators, hats and headbands alike for a day at the track. This year, Gordon will judge the celebrated Fashions on the Field contest, whilst maintaining her racing best in the Myer marquee.

Jodi wears Toni Maticevski dress and Kim Fletcher Millinery on Derby Day

Here, in between the bubbles and the bets, we chat to Jodi about how she survives the race (or carnival) that indeed stops the nation.

GRAZIA: What’s in your handbag on race day?
J: I’m obsessed with Charlotte Tilbury at the moment, like us all! So any of her concealers, lip glosses, bronzers, things like that are always in my bag and I like to do little touch-ups throughout the day. That’s it in terms of beauty. My phone, a charger, but that’s not as exciting!

G: Do you have a different beauty look for each day, and is there a beauty look you favour for the races?
J: When it comes to the races, I put a look together based on what I’m wearing, and then what hair and makeup will compliment the headpiece or my dress. So the makeup look does follow after the fashion and hairpiece. But I like to keep it as light as I can. I’m a big fan of contouring, bronzy light fresh makeup that looks dewy and is sustainable throughout the day.

G: You’re quite the racing veteran now. Are there any beauty lessons that you’ve learnt along the way? Things that you’d never do again, or something that you always do?
J: I always try to steer clear of doing a red lip or a deep burgundy lip, because it’s a little bit messy. But every season, I seem to do one! You know, if it calls for a red lip, you do a red lip [laughs]. It comes off and you don’t even realise it. And also, I find myself talking less; I become a little antisocial when I’ve got a red lip. This year I won’t do one, it’s going to be more about bronzy looks, we’re doing a bit of an eye. Max May is doing my makeup.

G: Pick one of the following…

G: Nude or red lip?
J: Nude

G: Bronzer or blush?
J: Bronzer

G: Foundation or BB cream?
J: Foundation

G: Stiletto or wedge?
J: Stiletto

G: Pant or skirt?
J: Skirt

G: Structured or floaty and feminine?

G: Print or colour?
J: Oh, only because it’s a trend, I’ll have to say print.

G: On that, do you stick to the traditional dress codes of the carnival?
J: Absolutely. Black and white on Derby, colour for Cup, and something pretty and feminine for Oaks. When I’m judging Fashions of the Field, I like those who take the dress codes and regulations and kind of twist it up a little bit. You’re keeping in line with the guidelines, but you’re giving it your own spin and take on race wear fashion. I like seeing women who experiment with it a little bit, so that’s what I try to do myself. I stick within the guidelines, but then I try to do something a little edgy or different with the codes as well. A woman’s interpretation of race wear fashion and trends, as well and mixing that together with your own personal style.

G: Are there any trends that you are excited about this racing season?
J: I’m loving all the chalky, dusty blues and pinks. I think they’re really beautiful and soft for Oaks. And apart from that, I’m loving print. Just print on print on print! And colour as well. It’s really bold time in fashion and we can really push the boundaries and take risks and have fun. The more kind of eclectic and weird it is, the better! It’s great.

G: You’ve got your own dream marquee, and time, money and the law of physics isn’t an option. Firstly, who would you invite?
J: I would invite Audrey Hepburn, Angelina Jolie, Barack Obama, Jen Hawkins and my best friend Lana. Oh wait a minute, I should have probably thrown my mum in there, she’d want to meet Barack!

G: What would the dress code be?
J: Anything goes!

G: And the music?
J: Oh my gosh! Hmm… I’d have Avicii, of course!

G: And who would cater?
J: I’d get Neil Perry to do the food.

G: What would you wear?
J: I would probably do a Lady Gaga inspired, crazy, artistic, theatrical, over the top, glamorous outfit. It would be either in tones of beige or tones of white. There’d be netting and spikes and feathers. It would get really weird but it would be amazing.

Jodi Gordon and Rachael Finch