Springtime in Sydney means many things: floral-flanked ocean pools, brilliant jacaranda in bloom, warm winds, balmy nights, short(er) skirts, and of course, racing. Come October, spring racing is but a rite of passage for Australians, as our sport-obsessed (and equally style-obsessed) nation heads to the track to hedge their bets and watch history unfurl in fabulous outfits and towering fascinators.

Over a champagne and hors d’oeuvre, women finesse their under-brim air kiss as gargantuan hats prove a logistical nightmare but stylistically dreamy. On the other side of the sartorial spectrum, headbands great and small keep flyaways in place (very important) and seem the pragmatic option for those already navigating the Spanx and stiletto conundrum.

With the 2020 Everest Carnival out of the gates and Moёt & Chandon Spring Champion Stakes Day imminent, now is the time to up the ante in the fashion stakes. Remember, fashion is as much a part of spring racing folklore as the horses, with each race day boasting its own style diktats.

moet and chandon stakes day

As Royal Randwick’s unofficial Ladies Day in Spring, fashion truly takes centre stage at Moёt & Chandon Spring Champion Stakes Day on Saturday October 10, so dressing for this occasion is a must. A ‘touch of pink’ is the official racewear theme of the day. Honouring its long-standing tradition of the feminine and the floral, pink – in all its girlish glory – is the day’s overall style winner. Be it bold block colour or softly-hued splashes, Moёt & Chandon Spring Champion Stakes Day is the time to get acquainted with fashion’s sweetest shade.

There’s also a sustainability spin, with race goers encouraged to recycle old pieces, like this tiered Zimmermann frock from a few seasons ago, cast afresh with new accessories and headwear.

But whilst you should take heed of the dress canons which more or less govern the day’s fashion, it doesn’t mean you can’t be inventive with such rules. Australian Turf Club 2020 Everest Carnival Official Stylist, Jess Pecoraro, suggests experimenting with headpieces and fashion-forward accessories for an unexpected twist. “It’s the perfect way to be fashion forward while also sticking to the race day rules,” she tells GRAZIA. Ahead of Saturday, we got Pecoraro to answer a couple more of our style questions below.

moet and chandon stakes day

In the fashion stakes, tell us what distinguishes the Moet & Chandon Stakes Day apart from the others?
Moet & Chandon spring champion stakes day is a key date to get glammed and add a touch of pink to your outfit. It is definitely a favourite as it really gives you the opportunity to bring that extra fashion glam to the track.

When it comes to race day dress codes, how strictly should we adhere to them? Can you share some ways we can be a little more inventive when interpreting them?
Keeping it simple is definitely key to achieving an overall race day look. Experimenting with head pieces and fashion-forward accessories is the perfect way to push the envelope while sticking to the race day rules.

What are you favourite trends / styles this racing season?
A huge Trend is tie-dye, which has been nice seeing that streamlined to more race day appropriate looks as well as anything with volume and texture.

Are there any trends / styles that should be kept away from the track?
Denim and active – leave them at home.

What are the big headwear trends this year?
Laying a mix of headbands and clips is a really fun way to achieve a race day look as well as adding a face veil, a boater and fun hair elastics – anything goes.

Who are your go-to milliners this racing season?
We love supporting local milliners so Nerida Winter, Neil Grigg, Viktoria Novak and Ann Shoebridge are always a favourite.

Your favourite racing rules to live by?
Never take your shoes off.

moet and chandon stakes day

For those fillies who like a little dressage, don’t forget to enter the Spring Fashion Stakes competition for your chance to win a share of $20k cash. And the best part? You don’t even need to be trackside to enter. A new digital format will see keen fashionistas able to partake at home: simply capture a photo or video of your outfit in portrait mode and upload via the entry form here. Winners will be announced on the big screen at Royal Randwick or via the Australian Turf Club’s social media channels.

As one of the most glamorous days at Royal Randwick, Moёt & Chandon Spring Champion Stakes Day is not to be missed.

To book your seat at Moёt & Chandon Spring Champion Stakes Day, or to find out about other Race Days at the everest cup carnival, click here.