Like a magpie, I’m love sick for anything with a little sparkle. Even more so when it’s something I can apply to my face. That’s why trying the new Dior Backstage Custom Eye Palette has been quite the frivolous affair. The three-by-three grid is made up of neutrals, darker shades for definition, and both gold and silver glitter toppers. It’s also got a primer (the nude-y colour), and a mixing medium that can be combined with the powders to create gel liners. But a tip from yours truly: it also makes for a great eye gloss on bare lids. You can build out anything from neutral to disco – a true maven of multi-tasking, if there ever was one. My favourite combinations thus far are the gold glitter pressed atop the primer, or the taupe bronze (middle right) all over the lid, with a little chocolate smudged into the lash line. It’s a smoky eye for those on the fly.

Paired with the also new Face and Body Primer (a delicious, plumping, shimmery lotion that’s great under foundation or on its own), it’s party makeup for dummies. You heard it here first.

Dior Backstage Custom Eye Palette, $88. SHOP NOW