As Gen-Z and Millennials debate the relevance of skinny jeans, there is an entirely different conversation centred around denim sparked by the Fall Winter 2021 collections. The case here has nothing to do with the fit but everything to do with the colour and texture. Trends like acid-wash and patchwork jeans reigned supreme for a few seasons, but for FW21, it seems that dark denim is what’s trending.

It’s not surprising that darker washes popped up in the fall collections. While darker colours tend to be the fall’s assigned colour palette, the popularity of raw denim this season is still rather unexpected. The stiffer, less giving texture is something people generally shy away from as its tougher to wear and break in. But daring designers had no objections to it this season with dark, raw denim used to create sophisticated looks and silhouettes beyond just jeans. The colour and fabrication lend themselves to elevate the otherwise causal nature that is typically associated with wearing jeans. Everything from Canadian tuxedos to skirts and dresses were made in the tougher fabric, proving that jeans can arguably be worn in situations where they might have been considered inappropriate before (although we do have to point out that unfortunately for Millennials, it seems like the dark, raw denim trend skipped out on the skinny jeans). Click through to see the stand out dark-washed, raw denim looks from FW21.