Clarins Total Eye Lift
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Of all the parts of your body, the eye area is arguably the most tenuous when it comes to your skin. We’re not just talking about the soft, spongey skin underneath your eyes either, although that’s certainly a delicate space. But the entire area is one of the most expressive parts of your face and subsequently becomes the first place we notice the visible signs of ageing.

In fact, our eyes contend with 10,000 blinks per day on average, which uses no less than 22 muscles. From laughing with your girlfriends over drinks, to the tears you shed over that sappy movie, your eyes tell the story of everything you’ve seen and experienced throughout your life.

But for an area that plays such a significant role in defining the character of your face, the skin around your eyes somehow doesn’t garner equal levels of attention. Most of us are far more focused on the larger quadrants of the face, such as our cheeks, forehead and jawline, when it comes to cultivating a youthful complexion.

However, the appearance of the eye area is undoubtedly a significant factor in the way our faces are perceived overall, which means it deserves a lot more care and consideration than we’ve perhaps been affording it. The skin around our eyes, like the rest of the complexion, adapts and changes as we age. Our needs shift as the area begins to lose all that collagen and natural elasticity we were born with, requiring extra help to retain a fresh, youthful appearance – which is where eye cream comes in.

Eye cream can be a divisive topic in the beauty industry, as some posit the theory that a standard moisturiser could do the same job. But when you consider how thin the skin around our eyes is, versus how active the area becomes with each facial movement, it makes sense that an effective, targeted treatment is needed.

Sounds simple, right? Where things get more complex is finding the right eye treatment product for your unique requirements, especially as you move through different life stages. It’s rare that a product that can address every concern throughout the entire life cycle of your skin, which would explain why a product that actually does – the cult Clarins Total Eye Lift – quickly sold out when it was released last year.

The plant-powered formula, which contains 94% ingredients of natural origins, was designed to rejuvenate the entire eye area, resulting in a lifted appearance. It addresses every concern you can think of, from dark circles to fine lines, making it the perfect companion for your skin as you age. Now a coveted skincare product with sell-out status, here’s why Clarins’ Total Eye Lift works day and night for every age group.

EYE CREAM IN YOUR 20s: Hydrate

When you’re younger, your skin can easily retain its bounce and glow. You don’t necessarily need to be concerned with developing fine lines or wrinkles just yet, but you do need to ensure that you’re creating longevity in your eye area. The best way to care for the area at this age is to ensure that you’re using a dedicated product that will hydrate the skin around your eyes, therefore putting your skin in a better position for the future.

The Clarins Total Eye Lift contains shea butter, a rich, hydrating powerhouse that replenishes the skin around the eye area without leaving it feeling oily. Organic guarana extract and vegetal caffeine help to reduce puffiness and disguise any late nights (very important in your 20s, am I right?), with the fast-absorbing formula sitting perfectly under makeup.

Clarins Total Eye Lift
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EYE CREAM IN YOUR 30s: Prevent

In your 30s, things start to get a little more serious skin-wise. The collagen stores in your skin start to wane, which means you’ll need to offer your eye area significant support and do your due diligence with a hard-working eye cream to prevent fine lines and wrinkles from forming. You’ll also want to consider all the environmental damage your skin has been exposed to over your lifetime, as the impacts of pollution, UV exposure and blue light rays start to settle in.

The clever Clarins Total Eye Lift formula works to protect and support your eye area during this period, with a conscious concoction of antioxidants to guard against free radical damage, while also creating a tightened, lifted look with each application thanks to organic harungana extract. Dark circles are also neutralised with escin from horse chestnut, which stimulates the skin’s micro-nutrient network to limit the shadowy pigments that can appear under the eyes.

“My eyes have always been my favourite feature, and now that I’ve entered my thirties, taking care of the area is a priority. Whilst I don’t yet have any wrinkles to speak of, I have begun to notice my makeup settle into teeny, tiny creases that will eventually deepen into fine lines. The Clarins Total Eye Lift formula is perfect for me to use each morning and night, as it instantly smooths any creases out, minimises my dark circles and lifts the overall look of my eye area, while preventing further lines from forming. The texture feels so lovely and light when I apply it, and it leaves my skin soft and springy. I love the packaging, which is made from recyclable airless glass, and the subtle, crisp scent is also a bonus!” – KATE LANCASTER, GRAZIA BEAUTY EDITOR

Clarins Total Eye Lift
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In your forties, you may notice that your eye area has begun to hollow out and a few lines have formed, as that precious collagen decides to head elsewhere. This is where an effective eye cream can really earn its pay check, as the right formula can help your skin defend against the onset of ageing and – in the case of Clarins’ Total Eye Lift – gravity itself, to an extent.

The harungana in the formula helps to encourage collagen production, which tops up what we’re losing, while the albizia extract inhibits glycation to stiffen dermal breakdown and keep your skin looking firm and radiant. Guarana boosts the area with antioxidants and encourages the release of healthy fats, for a plumper, lifted look that opens up the eye area. If you’ve noticed your once-lush lashes are looking a little less fluttery, you’ll be excited by the effects of panthenol in the Clarins’ Total Eye Lift formula, which protects the hair and enhances the appearance of your eyelashes.

Clarins Total Eye Lift
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EYE CREAM IN YOUR 50s: Rejuvenate

By the time you hit your fifties, the skin around your eyes needs complete support, from underneath the eyes to the soft skin on your eyelids and brow bone. You’ll want to invest in a daily treatment that can give the skin a lifted appearance while also opening up the entire area for a brighter, more youthful visage.

The Clarins Total Eye Lift formula works to alleviate existing damage while rejuvenating the entire area. The potent power couple of harungana and cassie wax combine to smooth and firm up the skin around your eyes, resulting in an instantly lifted effect on the eyelids, as well as a reduction of fine lines and wrinkles around the contours of your eyes. Dark circles all but disappear, puffiness subsides and the skin feels soft, hydrated and sustained across every concern.

“I’m quite into my skincare rituals, so I look for an eye cream that helps to tighten the puffiness after a long day, or first thing in the morning. I’m lucky enough to not have obvious wrinkles yet, so dark circles are my main concern as they create a shadow effect around the eyes, which is often ageing and makes me looked tired – something I’d like to avoid! The Clarins Total Eye Lift feels so soothing to apply, and I love the way it easily settles in to my skin as part of my daily skincare routine. It really helps to lift the area around my eyes.” – AILEEN MARR, GRAZIA FASHION DIRECTOR

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