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Consider your current skincare routine. While our skin’s needs require an individual approach – and let’s be honest, some of us are far more invested in our skincare than others – your regimen probably features a few different elements. It likely begins with a cleanser, followed by a facial treatment – maybe an active-packed serum, maybe a face oil, maybe both – and finally, a moisturiser to lock it all in.

But what about the delicate skin around your eyes? Sure, you might be using an eye cream to target the area, but most of us aren’t taking the same time with our eye care that we do when it comes to the rest of our complexion. Some of us aren’t using a dedicated eye product at all, even though we know that the skin around our eyes is one of the first places we start to see fine lines and wrinkles as we age.

While we aren’t suggesting that you extend every step of your skincare routine to your eye area – definitely not, as many products that aren’t meant for the eye area could cause irritation on such thin skin – you might want to consider adding a targeted treatment into your eye care regimen. Here’s where an eye serum comes in, to offer extra support that’s been specifically formulated for the eye area.

Curious as to what exactly an eye serum actually does, or how it measures up to a traditional eye cream? GRAZIA spoke to Charlotte Turner, Head of Education at Clarins, to find out everything you need to know about using an eye serum (and how to know which one will work best for you!).

So, what is an eye serum?

As the name may suggest, an eye serum works similarly to a facial serum. “An eye serum is a lightweight, serum-like textured product designed to be worn alone or in conjunction with another eye care product,” explains Turner. “It delivers a specific revitalising action to the skin in the eye area.”

Just like facial serums, eye serums can be formulated differently to target certain skin woes, from dark circles to wrinkles. However if you’re looking for an eye serum that targets multiple concerns in one single formula, Clarins has recently bottled the perfect product for every eye concern, Double Serum Eye.

The formula takes inspiration from the brand’s best-selling Double Serum, which retains cult status thanks to its unique two-in-one serum system, delivering powerful active natural extracts to leave the skin radiant and youthful. Double Serum Eye packs a similar punch, with 13 plant extracts combined – including organic Wild Chervil and Turmeric – to reduce puffiness, minimise the appearance of dark circles, and strengthen and support the skin.

Credit: Clarins
How does an eye serum differ from an eye cream?

Think about the difference between your serum and your night cream – it works in a similar way when it comes to your eye care products. “An eye serum has a lighter texture and, often, a more intense anti-ageing action, whereas an eye cream has a more nourishing, comforting texture that delivers sustained hydration,” says Turner.

Why do I need an eye serum?

If you’re looking for significant results in your eye area, incorporating an eye serum into your routine can help to enhance your efforts. “Generally, you would use an eye serum to accelerate and compound anti-ageing benefits,” Turner explains.

How rapidly you’ll experience those benefits is dependent on two things – consistency of application and the product you choose to apply. “Clarins Double Serum Eye achieves its texture via a 1/3 emulsion and 2/3 gel formula that allows us to deliver 13 highly-attuned plant extracts to the delicate eye area in a format that can be easily absorbed for a comprehensive anti-ageing effect,” says Turner.

“This format is perfectly adapted to the delicate eye area and it allows for optimum action whilst minimising the chance of reaction.” Such a consideration is obviously very important, as a dedicated eye care product is specifically designed to be gentle, yet still effective, without causing irritation.

Credit: Clarins
Do I need both an eye serum and an eye cream?

“The needs of the eye area will determine the exact treatment approach required. Potentially if you require an overall, general anti-ageing solution and at the same time, want to double down on a few specific benefits then two products could be the best response,” advises Turner, adding, “However, they may not need to be layered.”

So if you’re less inclined to add an extra step into your routine, Turner suggests alternating your eye care products. “It is more likely that you would start by applying your cream, such as Clarins’ Total Eye Lift, in the morning,” she suggests, which delivers visible lifting to the area, as well as hydration and protection throughout the day.

“Then you can use Double Serum Eye as your evening solution to boost the skin’s 5 vital functions at night, when they are naturally more active,” says Turner. Or you can use both together, starting with the serum first – the thinnest consistency always goes on before the thickest – followed by the eye cream.

How do I use an eye serum in my skincare routine?

“After cleansing with a gentle cleanser, apply your eye serum above and below the eye with gentle pressing motions,” instructs Turner. You can also follow the below video from Clarins, which details the best way to apply an eye serum, such as Double Serum Eye.

Once you’ve applied your eye serum, you can choose to follow with an eye cream, or simply finish off your skincare routine with a face serum and moisturiser. Done!

How do I know which eye serum is right for me?

If you’re looking for a complete anti-ageing solution for your eye area, look no further than Clarins’ Double Serum Eye for total support. “Double Serum Eye is designed to revitalise the skin, smooth wrinkles, brighten the look of dark circles, diminish the look of puffiness and refresh the eye area,” says Turner.

The formula’s brilliance is in its ingredients and its clever delivery system. “It contains 13 plant extracts in a perfect balance of emulsion and gel textures. This allows the product to deliver a boosting effect on the 5 vital functions of the skin, which include protection from the effects of daily pollution,” Turner says.

And as a bonus? It’s also really easy to apply and lightweight, making it perfect to wear under makeup. 2-in-1 and done!


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