Cindy Crawford Kaia Gerber
Credit: Stefanie Keenan/Getty Images for A Sense of Home

Supermodel Cindy Crawford and supermodel daughter Kaia Gerber stepped out into the Hollywood Bowl amphitheatre on Wednesday night to see the iconic artist Alanis Morrissette perform live. What was equally as iconic was the pair’s outfit of choice. Giving new meaning to “jeans and a nice top”, Crawford and Gerber were seen in mid-rise blue jeans, a white top and leather jacket.

While the ensemble could be a case of coincidence, it seems the mother-daughter duo coordinated Gerber’s green Celine bag with Crawford’s printed scarf. On Instagram the 20-year-old shared a video from the concert where the pair sung along to Morrissette hits.

In a recent video series depicting her favourite seven looks of the week, Gerber explained she was inspired by the off-duty style her mum wore at the same age. When wearing a pair of blue jeans and a blazer, she described it as her date night look.

“I’m cool. I’m down with anything. I’m wearing a leather jacket,” she said. “But you have the cute feminine top which adds a girly element and then jeans [because] if you want to take me on an adventure after this, I’m not going to be like, ‘Oh, no, I can’t because I’m wearing a skirt,’” she says. “Yes, I will go hike up a mountain with you, even in my Paco heels.”

It’s not the first time the young prodigy has referenced her mother’s style. For her 18th birthday, Gerber recreated Crawford’s 1992 MTV Video Music Awards look, right down the the voluminous blow out.

In a 2019 essay, Gerber also reflected on how she was often compared to her mother, given their exact same job titles.

“From day one, people in the industry were often taken aback by my resemblance to my mom … It used to be that I didn’t see it at all, but now I will look at a picture and have to take a moment before realising which one of us it is,” she wrote.

The uber-famous pair aren’t the only model duo to resemble one another. Kate Moss and her daughter Lila Moss also often resemble each other from the same age. Like this example with a tiny slip dress.