A self-tanner is typically not a thing of beauty. Its result, yes (gloriously bronzed limbs), but its design usually comes down to a matter of functionality; packaged in a rather ugly pump or can. Trust Chanel then, to take this undecorated but highly necessary object and render it beautiful. Introducing the most beautiful self-tanner you ever did see, L’Eau Tan par Chanel.

Unbeknownst to most, tanning has been a part of the Chanel DNA since the beginning. In 1932, Gabrielle Chanel contrived L’Huile Tan, a revolutionary tanning product, which at its time of launch, broke all rules of conventional beauty by allowing women to develop an “outdoor” glow (insurgent, indeed). Now, Chanel Beauty’s modern day muse, Lucia Pica, revisits the original product with a riff on a classic.

A first for the house, Pica has created a summer essential; a refreshing self-tanning body mist. Hybridising luxury skincare, scent and self-tan, L’Eau Tan is the faux tan of our summer dreams. A celebration of summer, Pica consulted with both the Chanel skincare laboratories and colour cosmetics to reinvent the tanning category, in fact, creating a beauty category all of its own: sensory summer beauty.

Of course, the Chanel woman never sports a perma-tan (she’s French, after all), but a subtle glow in summer never goes astray. Incorporating classic self-tanning technology, this new body enhancer contains a very small percentage of DHA, just a touch to give you a delicate color that will last throughout the summer. Whilst a refreshing, watery texture brings freshness and hydration; skin is soft, radiant and warmed by a bronze and luminous glow. It’s soft and subtle – barley there – but beautiful. It’s how tanning should be.

“It gives you a very light tan, it’s almost like what you’d get at the beginning of the summer. The colour you get on your skin is quite golden but very transparent, and it’s got a beautiful cologne perfume in it so it feels fresh.”

Its cologne was specifically created by Chanel master perfumer, Olivier Polge; an uplifting scent redolent of hot European escapades and summer florals. It’s a fragrance in itself; fresh, bright and sunny.

And its bottle? Glass and impossibly chic (very un-fake tan like), it’s a take on the iconic packaging of the 1932 L’Huile Tan. The only self-tanner you will want to show off, it sits atop vanities with the elan you’d expect from a French fragrance.

Simply mist generously all over body and spread evenly with hands (or, I like to just leave it sit). Reapply two to three times a week to prolong and deepen the colour.

Like a French kiss from the sun, L’Eau Tan is your new beauty essential.