If there’s one thing I’m going to remember from this whole thing, it’s Cardi B screaming CORONA-VIRUS, CORONA-VIRUS over and over again. That now-infamous Insta video is so deeply etched into my brain, I’m convinced I’m going to take it to the grave, that screechy, strangely addictive sound byte with me for eternity – even its subsequent remixes.

Today, another moment of Cardi B Covid-induced brilliance, her “casual” at-home outfit. It’s no secret how much the controversial rapper / singer loves a dress up. There’s been vintage moulded Mugler on the red carpet, Adrienne Landau’s feather flocked (and aptly titled) Queen’s Coat to court and Richard Quinn’s dramatic face-to-toe floral number in Paris. And who could forget that custom oxblood Thom Browne gown she wore to the 2019 Met Gala? The fashion extravagance is simply endless.


And while isolating at home, it seems her approach to dressing remains utterly fabulous. Posting a photo on her balcony, the singer wore a pair of shiny metallic bike shorts (booty of course on show), a busty white crop and dazzling accoutrements, a diamond necklace and Alessandra Rich’s diamanté heart earrings.

Hair too was fabulous, candy pink and fashioned into a low pony with dramatic Gaga-esque bow. She captioned the look with a reference to Carole Baskin’s now infamous intro, “Hello cool cats and Kittens 🐱”, although the look bore no stamp of Baskin’s signature kitty print.

Nonetheless, it was classic Cardi B, gaudy and glittering. Proof that even while lounging around at home, Cardi B is extra.