Billie Eilish is a breath of fresh air in the beauty space. Aside from her baby blue (ocean) eyes, the singer has championed the quirky and the offbeat since her meteoric rise to fame some three years ago. She’s got a penchant for hair in shades of blue, green and silver, loves root shadow, shuns bold makeup (for now) and loves a statement manicure. And over the weekend at the Grammys, she looked incredible – and very much herself – with lime green hair, Gucci nails and soft, luminous makeup.

Her makeup artist on the day was Robert Rumsey who exclusively used vegan makeup brand Milk Makeup to paint Eilish’s natural glow. It was relatively simple: skin tint, concealer, bronzer and highlighter. But one point worth mentioning is the choice of mascara. Eilish, who ended up taking home five awards, was a favourite on the night so teary speeches were certainly on the cards. Rumsey used the cult-loved Milk Makeup Kush Waterproof Mascara on Eilish, perfect for not only soft, fluffy volume but also a long-wearing formula that won’t budge no matter how many tears (or Grammys).


The Kush Waterproof Mascara quite literally hit icon status not long after launch thanks to the innovative addition of cannabis-seed oil. It also contains fibres for building on the existing lash for thick but clean volume. It’s also a woke beauty brand that pushes the boundaries slightly when it comes to standard beauty ideals – something that is perfectly aligned with Eilish’s disregard (and rightly so) for the status quo. Milk Makeup is stocked at international Sephora boutiques and online, so keep in mind during your next trip if you’re located in Australia.

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