Bella Hadid has been up to some very wholesome things whilst isolating with mum Yolanda at their Pennsylvania farm. She cut herself some cute bangs, she’s baked cookies and cupcakes, she’s drunk tea from eternally optimistic mugs, she’s cuddled up to her horses, she’s even been re-planting lavender in the garden – 1500, to be exact. And while it’s all been sunshine and rainbows and lollipops at the Hadid ranch, it seems things have taken a turn – a very sexy turn.


Over the weekend Bella Hadid interrupted her G-rated feed with some much saucier content: a pair of psychedelic pants and a lot of bosom. In the series of spicy pics – which were actually stills from a video that BFF Alana O’Herlihly animated into an equally spicy mash-up replete with Anime and Anna Nicole Smith – Hadid plays around with the collar of her very tight nude shirt to reveal more and more bust (so tight it prompted friend and perennial provoker Derek Blasberg to ask: “did your shirt shrink in the dryer?). Indeed, it very well looks like it had a big ol’ bargy with the Fisher and Paykel.


Along with the shrunken shirt, there’s a pair of low-rise pants so psychedelic they appear to be straight out of the sixties, rife in paisley florals and candy-man stripes, plus a pair of oversized hoop earrings and a little green leaf pendant which bears striking similarity to a cannabis plant.

Still on the the sixties bandwagon, she experimented with a ’60s-approved feline-flick thanks to Dior Makeup and captioned the visual series with nothing but a very happy, flower-power wielding emoji, “(✿◠‿◠)”. As Devon Lee Carlson wrote: “hi i’m bella. my hobbies include being cute, hot, perfect, talented, brilliant, amazing, show stopping, spectacular, never the same, totally unique, etc.” After this, totally unique sounds about right.