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issue Two: Hello and welcome to 2020! A new year, a new decade and a not-so-new me. I’m typically very into goal setting and new years resolutions, but not this time around. I’ve felt a little down and unmotivated so far this year, mostly because there’s bigger things troubling me like the fact Australia has more or less been burning since October. I’m devastated for all those people, businesses and animals who have been impacted. It’s pouring rain as I write this from my living room, and while wet concrete is a welcome smell, I know it’s not an easy fix.

The silver lining it that there’s been an outstanding display of camaraderie and good will, both locally and overseas. Unfortunately our government missed the memo, but the outpouring of support, while necessary, still gives me faith in people. If you’d like to delve a little deeper into ways in which you can help, please see this article here, as well as a wider cheat-sheet style piece on global warming as written by our contributing editor Isabelle Truman. It’s accessible and easy to digest.

Another cause worth mentioning is Call Time On Melanoma. The not for profit is founded by my friend (and fellow beauty editor) Lisa Patulny, who’s mission is to reframe sun protection as self care. It was inspired by Natalie Fornasier (a pal of Lisa and I) who is bravely battling melanoma. Australia has the highest rates of melanoma worldwide (crazy given it’s a largely preventable cancer), and CTOM exists to change that. CTOM has partnered with Mecca Cosmetica to launch Generation SPF – an incredibly chic campaign that champions proper sun protection. As a beauty editor, the single best piece of skincare advice I can give anyone is to wear sunscreen every single day. And FYI, Mecca does some of the best high protection, broad spectrum sunscreens out there. I’ve got plenty of other recommendations you can read about here. Also in good news, self tanning is as easy as it’s ever been. See the best formulas I swear by here.

We’re also in the thick of awards season, which is always like a rolodex of the best in hair and makeup. My picks so far? Laura Dern in sunrise-inspired Chanel at the Critics’ Choice Awards, Leonardo DiCaprio using Kosas – aka my favourite beauty brand ever – at the Golden Globes, and Lucy Boynton’s eye at the Golden Globes. Actual magic.

My final words for this week will point you towards one unlikely article that I am actually slightly obsessed with. I interviewed Trinny Woodall (from What Not To Wear) last year about her new brand, Trinny London. The result was HILARIOUS. One of the most honest, excessive, fantastic beauty routines I’ve ever come across. The article is part of our Take Note series – where some of the best in beauty share their secrets. I highly recommend Newby Hands’ version too – she’s the beauty director at Net-A-Porter so I’m sure you can image how amazing her product lineup is.

Anyway! Thats’s all from me – a few important mentions and worthy causes. Next week is Haute Cotoure fashion week, so there will be so many magic beauty moments. I already can’t wait.

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