Welcome to Take Note – a weekly rolodex of all the best in skin, wellness, and makeup from industry insiders. Each week, we’ll profile one woman who’s privvy to beauty, covering everything from recommendations to routines. Today, we’re diving headfirst into the world of Trinny Woodall. You likely know her from television, where she was one half of the duo on What Not To Wear. Now, she’s traded fashion for beauty, founding her beauty brand Trinny London – a slew of quality, stackable products designed to make personalised, quality makeup easy and transportable. Below, she talks us through her extravagant routine, her all-too-real biscuit habit and her penchant for high-tech tools.


GRAZIA: What does your morning skincare routine look like? 

Trinny Woodall: Julia T Hunter Maximal Strength CleanserForeo (with the cleanser), Biologique Recherche P50, Skinceuticals CE Ferulic, Biologique Recherche Colostrom Serum, Venn moisturising concentrate and Trinny London BFF Skin Perfector SPF30.

GRAZIA: And evening?

Trinny: De Mamiel Cleansing Balm, Julia T Hunter Maximal Strength Cleanser, Julia T Hunter Skin Therapy Peel, micro needle 0.5, Julia T Hunter Night Regeneration, vitamin A serum and Tretinoin Retinol 0.25.

GRAZIA: If you were heading to a deserted island, what three products would make the cut?

Trinny: Pure zinc to protect my skin, Trinny London Lip Treat, and tweezers.

GRAZIA: Favourite SPF formula?

Trinny: HelioCare SPF50 Gel.

GRAZIA: Best professional treatment out there?

Trinny: I take the following devices with me literally everywhere: Micro needle device (I do it every three days), a portable LED face mask, NuFace, FaceGym Pro micro current tool, and I love a bit of facial massage.

GRAZIA: Skincare cheap thrill?

Trinny: Timeless CE Ferulic.

GRAZIA: And splurge?

Trinny: Nanette de Gaspe Vitality Reveal Dry Sheet Mask.

GRAZIA: What’s your go-to method for treating a pimple, fast?


  1. Do not squeeze with fingers
  2. Use a tweezer tool to apply pressure
  3. Apply a hot cloth to ease out/massage the blemish
  4. Use a sterilised needle to pop the top without breaking the skin too much.

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Cha Cha uses her makeup prowess to wake up my tired face with the key focus being to ensure I feel and look better with every step. We discuss the importance of an even base, the power of a seamless, blended contour, and the way in which you can extend the function of a highlighter to wash the entire face with a fresh, bright sheen. Makeup all @trinnylondon. BFF Light/ Medium http://bit.ly/makeup-with-cha-bff BFF Eye in Mary http://bit.ly/makeup-with-cha-mary JUST A TOUCH in Trintron http://bit.ly/makeup-with-cha-trintron CHEEKBONES in Kate http://bit.ly/makeup-with-cha-kate LIP2CHEEK in Freddie http://bit.ly/makeup-with-cha-freddie THE RIGHT LIGHT in Sunlight http://bit.ly/makeup-with-cha-sunlight EYE2EYE in Wisdom http://bit.ly/makeup-with-cha-wisdom EYE2EYE in Virtue http://bit.ly/makeup-with-cha-virtue SHEER SHIMMER in Emily http://bit.ly/makeup-with-cha-emily LIP LIGHT in Cicely http://bit.ly/makeup-with-cha-cicely

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GRAZIA: What’s your go-to makeup look?


  1. BFF Skin Perfector
  2. BFF Eye (serum an concealer)
  3. Lip2Cheek – Veebee
  4. Lip Glow on top – Lyla
  5. Nude Eye in Wisdom (All Trinny London).

GRAZIA: Holy grail foundation?

Trinny: Trinny London Just A Touch foundation concealer (I don’t believe a foundation should be used over the entire face, only where you need it).

GRAZIA: And most used lip colour?

Trinny: Trinny London Lip Love in Sacha.

GRAZIA: Best ever mascara?

Trinny: Clinique – it’s clean-looking.

GRAZIA: How do you shape and fill your brows?

Trinny: Use Trinny London Eye Shade (Wisdom and Faith mixed together) with an angled brush to make perfect shape.

GRAZIA: Makeup trend you’ll never try? 

Trinny: Thick foundation. It flattens peoples faces and takes away their character.

GRAZIA: Signature fragrance?

Trinny: Bondi Wash in Woody Fig (editor’s note – currently unavailable).

GRAZIA: What does your vacation makeup kit look like?

Trinny: SPF30 always, Miracle Blur for lines and pores, Sheer Shimmer Lip2Cheek (like a lip glow and highlighter had a baby together) and Eye2Eye in Sun which is a lovely summery colour.


GRAZIA: Favourite shampoo and conditioner duo?

Trinny: Kerastase Elixir.

GRAZIA: Can’t live without styling product?

Trinny: SP Resolute Lift by Wella. It allows my blow dry to last for days.

GRAZIA: Hair tool you can’t live without?

Trinny: Small round wooden bristle brush.

GRAZIA: Who cuts and colours your hair?

Trinny: Greg from Josh Wood Atelier in London.

GRAZIA: If you could have anyone’s hair, who would you choose?

Trinny: My own.

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Despite some facialists dismissing them over the years, facial oils have become an integral part of my skincare regime. Examining the colour, texture, scent and development process of oils is vital in order to gauge their 'drib-ability' and raw ingredients… Low/ My Secret Weapon Serum by Kate McIver at £39.99 was developed to treat paper-thin skin exposed to the harsh chemicals of chemotherapy, but the evening primrose and sea buckthorn oil also works well for hormonal skin… Mid/ Affinity Organics oil at £65 is one I have been using for 6 months and functions more as a serum. Within it, the rose soothes and frankincense ameliorates circulation, and upon inhalation, the raw ingredients invigorate your mind, as well as skin, with a calm, balancing energy… High/ My treasured jewel of facial oils: Vintner’s Daughter Active Botanical Serum at £175. Upon inhalation of this beautifully crafted oil, avocado, neroli, rose hip and turmeric are some of the 22 active ingredients that infuse your senses. So, if you’re looking for something to use as a Sunday facial treatment or indulge in as a special treat, scissor these facial oils onto the skin for effective skin rejuvenation to add bounce and freshness to your complexion.

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GRAZIA: In a sentence, what’s your approach to wellness?

Trinny: A positive state of mind.

GRAZIA: What’s your philosophy when it comes to food?

Trinny: I have great intentions, but a very big sweet tooth.

GRAZIA: What are some common meals in your food repertoire? 

Trinny: Breakfast is a ham and cheese croissant with a cappuccino, a double ginger shot and a double turmeric shot. Lunch is whatever I can steal off someone else’s plate in the office – chicken salads are a favourite.

For afternoon tea, I love a chocolate digestive biscuit, before chicken with vegetables and a salad for dinner. Afterwards, I have a small bar of Halo salted caramel ice-cream. I have this literally everyday of my life.

GRAZIA: How do you move your body?

Trinny: I like to slap my body in the morning to wake up the lymphatic system. I hate to run, but I have done pilates for 30 years.

GRAZIA: Coffee or tea?

Trinny: Both – one after the other.

GRAZIA; What would your final meal be?

Trinny: Jelly and ice-cream.

GRAZIA: Are there any supplements you take regularly?

Trinny: I take 20 supplements a day – amongst them 8 Liposamol liquid vitamins, including glucoasmine, vitamin B3, vitamin C, turmeric with curcumin, milk thistle, Ionicell (amazing for hair growth, skin and nails), biotin, sage, and magnolia rhodiola for mood.

GRAZIA: What tricks do you put in place to ensure you get a good night’s sleep?

Trinny: When I travel, I take a sleeping pill. And when I’m not I take Cherry Night power, because the cherry root induces sleep.

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